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  • www.madbookie.com.au - are they a slow payer, no payer or good payer?

    Hi All,

    www.madbookie.com.au is an Aussie bookmaker. There is no Madbookie thread here at BMR so I am starting one. There is no formal rating or mention of Madbookie in the Bookmaker Ratings section of BMR.

    This thread is started specifically for punters to input their experience with Madbookie - are they a slowpayer, have they ever not actually paid, are they a good payer and pay when they should?

    All experiences with Madbookie greatfully received here. Thanks!

  • They dont accept UK customers.


    • I"ve been waiting three weeks for mad bookie to deposit funds into my account after turning over a first deposit match bonus(about 10x)...been nothing but excuses saying things like "they not received my emails with bank details".. They have never once actioned any communication, its always me asking "whats the problem now"?... there's been no issues at my end, everything they needed was supplied to them before withdraw request(id etc)... believe it or not i"m still going to give them til tomorrow before i declare being ripped off..The last excuse was late Friday telling me, "all banking had been done& would be 3 business days max before showing in my account, although, I have asked nicely for proof of the deposit, and after nothing received(from Friday til Monday)I abused them today and demanded proof be sent immediately... NO REPLY... Update tomorrow


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