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  • betfair doesn´t pay my bonus-resolved

    I became a client of Betfair after receiving an email ofering 40¤ of
    bonus. I signed up on the past 14-11-2012.
    I wagered the amount to receive the bonus i sent an email asking for the
    bonus. They asked for ID which i sent, then when i sent another email
    asking the bonus they asked for address proof, which i sent. Then i send
    another email asking for the bonus and they told me that my proof of address wasnt valid because it was issued more than weeks ago which it
    didnt. I called the support and they told me that the portuguese support
    is very slow so they advised me to send the document to another email for
    the english support. I sent EXACTLY THE SAME document and it was accepted.
    But i still dont have the bonus.It has passed almost a month and still no bonus nor answer from the
    support. Everytime i sent an email they replied after 3-4 days. They didnt
    accept the document that was valid and the other support accepted it. This
    is clearly a scam for avoiding giving the bonus.
    Unacceptable, this is a shame.

  • We passed your complaint to Betfair, but there is something we don't understand: if the problem was with the document you provided, why didn't you offer to provide a different one?


    • The document i sent wasn´t issued more than 3 months. So, why wouldn´t it be accepted. They just delayed the payment. When i called the support they told me to send the document to the english support instead of the portuguese. I sent the document and i received a confirmation saying it was accepted.
      So, the document is not good for the portuguese support but it is good for the english support?
      Is this normal? i honestly dont think so. I think this is a shady procedure for delaying the verification process and the payment.
      Anyway, still no bonus.


      • Betfair has many shortcomings, but I doubt they have a policy in place to delay paying a 40 euros bonus.

        Certainly if the account identity is legitimate you have more than one document, so providing Betfair a second document is likely to help expedite the procedure.


        • Am i writing chinese guys? They didnt ask for any extra document. Right after opening my account i sent my ID..it was aproved right away.
          Then when i asked for the bonus they asked me for proof of address and that was when the problems begun. However, like i said before, the account was fully verified like they informed me. Im just waiting for the bonus to be credited.
          The problem here is no longer the KYC procedure.


          • If you spoke Chinese you would make more sense. You are no clear on what the problem is. You say they did not accept your initial document, so of course you would need to send an alternative one.

            Have you provided everything to Betfair that they have requested in order to get a bonus? If everything is verified, then getting the bonus credited should be relatively simple for BMR to get paid, as long as you have adhered to the terms and conditions.


            • G-Man...i will write in chinese this time for you to understand.

              Quoting the first post:

              "I sent EXACTLY THE SAME document and it was accepted"

              Quoting the second post:

              "I sent the document and i received a confirmation saying it was accepted"

              Quoting the third post:

              "Right after opening my account i sent my ID..it was aproved right away"

              What part of "it was accepted" or "it was approved" you dont understand?


              • ruiferreira - you said you were going to write in Chinese, but continue in English?


                • Spoke to Betfair and they said you met the terms of the bonus before KYC'ing your account, they have now proceeded to credit you the bonus.


                  • ruiferreira - How do you say "Thank you" in Chinese?


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