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  • About betting brokers


    I'm Marco from Italy. I'm trying to find out more betting brokerage services.

    I've understood the pros of them, especially to avoid geographical limits, but I can't understand why all of them are affiliated to the same Asian bookmakers. Why does no one collaborate with major English books? (Bwin, Ladbrokes, William hill..)

    Are there regulation issues or what?

  • Good question,Misterphantom.The English/European books don't want their odds to be available to strangers to decent money.The money that uses betting brokers is smart money that would - sensibly - only bet with the English books when their odds were equal to or longer than those of the Asian books - and the English books don't want to take that sort of business.
    There is a brief period during which the English books bet on events but the Asians haven't opened their book.In theory,the English books should be able to do three-way business then [on football matches].However,the early betting is thin and tends to be biggest and mostly one-way when the bookies odds turn out to be wrong.


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