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  • Complaint about a bonus in Betclic

    Betclic was promoting a bonus in tennis, if you bet 5€ or more in Australia ATP and if you loose they pay a bonus until 50€ max, which will be paid 48h after the end of the promotion 20 of jan. I made my bet (10€) and i loose. Today the bonus finally arrived to my account, and before the bonus i have 100€ in my account. After the bonus i´ve 110€. I made a bet of 10€ (bonus), and another one of 10€ from my money, which i´ve before the bonus.
    Before i loose the bet of the first 10€ i tried to draw the 90€ and they only allow to draw 83.34€. I chat with an operator and she (Ana Luisa) told me that after i loose my first bet the value will return to 90€ because i lost my bonus.
    The problem was that when i lost the bet, i´ll check the account and the value allowed to draw continue on 83.34€. I talk again with an operator through chat and the he (Artur) told me something diferent that the other operator was wrong and for i can draw the bonus i´ve to bet 6 times the value of the bonus.
    I think that is not correct because if i havent any money on my account, i loose the bonus and that´s it. If i have money on my account they dilute the bonus on my money, and to draw the money i´ve to bet 6 times the value of the bonus. They mean that i´ve to pay 60€ of my money to draw 10€ of bonus, which is dilute on my money that i have before they credit the bonus on my account. I understand that point if i win the first bet that i made with the 10€ that they gave to me, but if i loose i don´t have to pay for something that i don´t have anymore.
    I wish that you can help me with this question, because i think that is not fair for the players.
    I´ve prints of the chat, the only problem is that are on portuguese, do you have any portuguese colaborator?


  • I know that my english is not perfect but i would like if that happen to anyone else. Thanks


    • You are totally right: if you lost the bonus, then you don't have to rollover the money you alread had in the account.

      Betclic are not new at this. Our suggestion is to keep pestering them, eventually they'll realize that you understand your rights and they will pay you the full amount.


      • How can such a large company do such things for such small amounts of money. It is sickening.


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