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  • Bet disappeared


    I wonder if anyone has encountered with this problem. Recently I placed a bet in Dutch Eredivise and it was like three weeks before a game. The bet was placed in Bet365 and I did notice it in my records. At they day when the game should be played I checked my open bets I didn't see that match. I checked all other bookmakers where I could place that bet but found nothing. I clearly remember seeing this bet as open even few days before the game.

    A time ago when I was using more retail bookmakers registered in Curcaco etc. I did some screenshots of open bets for safety reasons but I didn't think that something like this could happen on Bet365. Clearly there is nothing I can do - I have no actual proof that the bet was placed there except my own records. It would be interesting to hear punters who had experienced similar problems.

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    • When you place a bet there should be a debit to your account - was there ? Has that been reversed ? If it's still there,ask where the bet/money went.If it has been reversed,my guess would be an oddsmaker who got it wrong and is trying to cover their back.
      N.B. I always have to print my bets with Betfair Sportsbook,as they only show my bets for the last three months.


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