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  • Betsafe - HILARIOUS!

    Well this is a new one for me...

    I just deposited £40 into Betsafe.. Deposit Successful, but where's my money?
    Nothing showing in my account. Checked my bank, funds have left.

    Went onto live chat to explain the situation.. here is their response

    "we are sorry about this, we are experiencing issues with deposts, please check again tomorrow"

    So they have taken my £40 and i can't even use it.

    I normally deposit more than this with bookmakers, but seeing as this is the first time i have used them, i thought i would be a bit cautious. Thank god i was!!

    Never heard of anything like this before, rather amusing really. Total lack of empathy from the online chat represntative...

    Sounds like they have a good business model! Take your money and you cant do anything about it! May have to try it myself! haha

  • No way that would be deliberate as they'd have zero repeat business.They probably have a software glitch and are snowed under with complaints.Be a bit patient.


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