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    My previous post here is ""Ladbrokes dont pay out-play the fool""
    After 2 month after I sent notorized documents(one of them was original-certificate of birth)to Gibraltar I get email from Ladbrokes.

    Dear Mrs ....,

    We would like to update you with regards to the situation of your account: diana8181.

    As you are already aware, your account was flagged through our fraud screening process and documents were requested from you to verify your identity as part of our legal and regulatory requirements.

    Our Fraud Team detected that the documents that you provided were fake, resulting in your account being frozen and the funds being withheld. Please be advised that providing fake documents is a serious criminal offence and we have provided evidence of this to the Gibraltar Gambling Commission following your complaint.

    Our investigation has now concluded and we will be refunding your total deposits for the value of 10,400 Euros. This will be to the same payment method that you used to deposit the funds in the first place. The remaining balance will be withheld and removed from your account. We must make clear to you that you will not be entitled to your winnings as the bet will be voided.

    Once the refund has been completed, your account will remain frozen and you will be Company Excluded from Ladbrokes. This will mean that you will no longer be able to hold an account, deposit or gamble with Ladbrokes​ on-line​.

    ​Please find below the clause in our General Website Terms & Conditions ​that enables Ladbrokes to withhold payment and suspend your account if you fail to provide the relevant documentation to verify your identity and address:
    33. Withholding payment and our right to offset liability

    33.1. We reserve the right to withhold payment and to declare bets on an event void if we have evidence that the following has occurred:

    g. we have not been able to verify your identity and address.

    * At any point of the withdrawal process or at any potentially suspicious activity you may be requested to provide us with additional documentation proving your identity and address to our satisfaction, failing which we may suspend or close your account immediately.​

    We reserve the right to take further action on this case should we feel this is appropriate at any point in the future.

    Kind regards,



    Digital Compliance Agent
    Digital Fraud Department
    Ladbrokes, Gibraltar

    I swear this documents was stamped with real notary and there was no fake.
    Original(certificate of birth) I ask send back and get it couple weeks ago.
    I can provide any of this documents by myself on any of Ladbrokes offices .
    Is here anyone who can help me or give advise how to return my legal winning of 6400 eur ??

  • You could try presenting the documents at a Ladbrokes shop in Ireland [preferably early when they're not busy].They might well say - 'that's not how we operate - send copies to our Gibraltar office' - you'd then have to reply 'I've already tried that - they claimed that they were fake,but here they are - they're genuine'.
    Obviously,that's not Ladbrokes' usual procedure,the shop staff don't have the expertise to examine and verify documents,but they might be able to scan the documents and forward the scans to head office.They have to be able to scan betting slips for horseracing bets to prove that they were placed before the race started.Then head office should be able to verify the documents as genuine from their own scans.


    • NB. Google Ladbrokes shop finder Ireland to find a convenient betting shop.
      If that does not work,try getting a local newspaper to run your story,using the emails to and from Ladbrokes and your documents as evidence.You could even try warning Ladbrokes that you are about to do that,as in 'look,the documents I sent you really are genuine.Please take another look at them,or I'll have to go to the papers with this'.However,that could be regarded as blackmail.
      You might think that stories in local papers wouldn't worry Ladbrokes,but national papers have a habit of picking up on them.


      • Why don't you have photographic ID? Judging by the amount of deposits, you can certainly afford a passport.

        Also just to note - a notary won't check the documents for validity, they just sign to say they've seen them and say it's you / belongs to you. So any document they sign could easily be fake


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