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  • Coral confiscated £1200 deposit due to self exclusion

    In short, I'd forgot I'd self excluded over 10 years ago. Coral let me create a new account and deposit £1200.

    Due to breaching their terms and conditions they wont return to my bank.

    Do I have a case for complaint or is this money now theirs?

  • Did you bet any or all of the £1200?


    • £400 but it is a long term bet so still running


      • Point out that the press would have a field day with this story,and hopefully they'll come around.As in 'Corals confiscate remaining £800 deposit of self-excluded punter'.


        • That's very good advice. I eventually found the relevant clause in their Terms & Conditions. It basically stated that Coral was under no obligation to refund deposits from customers who opened a new account while self excluded. I find this absolutely appalling. In my view it gives Coral a green light to take money which doesn't belong to them and makes a mockery of their claim to support responsible gambling. For what it's worth, I think that, if you follow Quincunx's advice, you will sooner or later get some or all of your deposit back, but if you don't, then I would certainly go to the press.


          • Thanks,Trevrizent.Good work.I've just looked at Coral's terms and conditions - there's a lot to trawl through.


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