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  • 188Bet Unfair practices

    Dear all,

    I just wanted to report that yesterday I have placed a bet at 14:58 CET on Verona - Juventus, "Luca Toni anytime to score" at odds 5. The book accepted regularly the bet (I have also the screenshot). The match started at 18:00 CET and Luca Toni scored at the beginning of the second half. Later on I have logged in my account and I have discovered that they deleted the bet and they didn't told me anything about it (either after I have successfully placed the bet nor before the match started). The reason of the cancellation surprisingly has been: "incorrect odds".

    1) First of all, how is it possibile to determine if the odds is "correct" or not? For me can be correct an odd that for others can be not correct. Is it not this the deep meaning of betting, play against someone else with a different opinion about a sport match event? I may like something that another one can dislike and so on... The odds was 5 (not 25, 50 or 500!), so it was clearly not a type mistake made by of one of their odds compilers.

    2) Someone can argue: "Well if it were higher than the market average then probably it wasn't correct". Then once again 5 it's not 25, 50 or 500. And then let's suppose the market average were 3, I am pretty sure that a reliable and fair bookmaker would pay the bet anyway at the average odds of the market. But they didn't pay anything at all, they just gave my deposit back.

    3) It is too easy like that, it is not fair in my opinion void just when it's convenient to them. What would have happened if Toni didn't score? Right, I would have probably lose my money, they would have take it. They could have write at least a message before the starting of the match to inform me regarding their action and then I would have decided if place the bet again or go to some other bookmaker to play. But they didn't do anything, they don't even reply now to my email and they close the chat when I try to initiate a conversation.

    Anyone likes to bet can understand how it feels bad. You spend your free time studying the events and trying to find good bets, often you lose and feel sad for it. Once they you finally win they take it away from you again... Probably it is better to stop betting if this are the unfair conditions, don't you think. For sure never again with 188Bet!

    Thank you for reading my post and for your future suggestions.

    Kind regards.


  • A lot of people like 188Bet and won't hear a word said against them. Personally I don't trust them at all and won't bet with them, and the way you have been treated does nothing to change my opinion of them. I wonder if they would have refunded your deposit if your bet had lost - somehow I doubt it!


    • NewBMR still rate 188bet as a 3.5.Try using the sticky at the top and asking NewBMR to query this with 188bet,using the arguments you made in this column.Since NewBMR are now owned by SBR,it has to be worth a shot.


      • Dear all,
        Seems my problem came to an end. Following several emails and chats we have reached an agreement: they will pay my bet according with the average odds of the market that in their opinion was 2,5. Their senior management considered that a "gesture of goodwill", whereas in my opinion it is just the least they could do. I don't like that I need to turnover the amount 1x in order to make a withdrawal, but to the other hand I am happy I could recover the half of my winning and I have finally closed that unfortunate issue.
        Kind regards,


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