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  • Coral online

    I have had my coral online account for 18 months this morning I deposited £25 I lost a bit won a bit and ended up with £30 I took this to games and played Rainbow riches I got down to £8 then triggered feature I won £250 I tried to cash this out it wouldn't let me so I clicked my balance and it was showing 2 £500 wager requirements so I phoned them and was told there was an error and that she would take the wager off. When I logged into my account there was nothing in my account so I phoned them again and was told when the wager was took off it took the balance I had won while playing the wager I said the wager was there in error and I was not playing with a bonus and that I had been playing with my money I was told this would have to go to the tec team and I have to wait 7 days.
    How bad is that now if I had accepted a bonus and was playing with there money I would agree but sticking two £500 wager requirements on my account was wrong it didn't even say what I was wagering for they wanted me to deposit and play 2 £500 wager requirements for what ? a party bag i just hope they sort it out ill let people no when and if i hear.

  • Sounds odd - when accepting a casino or games bonus on coral they are very clear when doing so. Usually you have to either opt in on the promo page or you get a pop up saying "you have been awarded £xxx bonus. Click to accept / decline"

    What were your initial bets on - you could have unknowingly triggered another bonus with your deposit. As the wagering was £500 and your deposit was £25 it appears that you could have a 20x requirement on the deposit.
    Perhaps you didn't notice the bonus added as rainbow riches may not be on the games list allowed so it didn't show up.

    Coral bonuses are usually 10x rollover though so not really too sure with this.

    Keep us updated


    • I no it is odd. I said in my post the first time I phoned up I was told the promo was put on a few accounts and they had a few customers with the problem. I have phoned up this morning and the person I spoke to was very helpful he can see the promo was in error and I won playing my own money and when the woman took the promo of my account the money should have gone to cash balance he said he will sort this for me but lets see. Yourmum thanks for your post but I no all that I do all the promos and have done for 18 months with coral and 10 years with WH its there error. On coral with the promos you can click your balance and it will show you what promos you got then you can click on the promo its self and it will tell you what the promo is and what you get there was 2 500 wager requirement in error and when I clicked on them it just took me to main sports page Ill see if the lad sorts it thx anyway.


      • Coral has admitted there mistake and put the £250 into my account. Why cant all customer service staff all be like this lad I got this morning if I had spoken to him first there would have been no problem thank you Reece.


        • Glad it's been sorted out. I think Coral are only a shadow of the bookmaker they once were, but they're still reputable and will always make amends if they are to blame for an error.


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