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  • Betway Funds Confiscated

    A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Betway offering a chance to win prizes through there golden egg promotion.
    I followed the link and won 10 free spins on a slot game.

    Through this I won 92p so decided to place this on a football acca.
    That bet won and I kept rolling over bets and eventually got my balance up to £83.

    I then decided to withdraw £73 of my winnings but couldn't as I had no yet made a deposit, so deposited the £10 required.
    I made the mistake of depositing this using my wife's debit card from our joint bank account.

    After my deposit I recevied an email telling me my account was officially verified and my withdrawal was pending.
    However the following day I received another email informing me that my card had been blocked as it was not in my own name, which is fair enough, but when I logged into my account the £20 I had left in my account was now 0 and my withdrawal canceled and not returned to my account.

    I contacted customer support through live chat and the operator explained that all my previous bets had been made void and winnings confiscated as they were aquired from a deposit that should not have been allowed.

    I explained that I had not placed any bets using this deposit and that winnings were aquired from the money won through there promotion. Eventually the operator agreed that my case should be escalated to there accounts department.

    I waited a few days with no reply from them. So contacted them again via live chat, again I was told the same thing and told my case would again be escalated to there accounts department.

    After several emails I am still getting nowhere with this as they once again have escalated this to there accounts department saying that they will need time to investigate this given the information I have given them.

    I can understand them cancelling my deposit and withdrawal but surely it is wrong of them to confiscate winnings aquired before making this deposit?

  • Probably not I'm afraid. As you have had to make a deposit as part of the bonus terms regardless of whether it is before or afterwards, the card has to be in your name.

    Depositing with a card that isn't yours is a violation of the terms and as such betway have acted in the correct manner


    • I'm afraid that making a deposit with a card in your wife's name was a big mistake as it gives a bookmaker a perfect excuse to wriggle out of paying you. For future reference I wouldn't touch Betway with a barge pole - do a search for them using the forum's search tool and you'll see exactly what I mean.


      • Thanks for your reply.

        I have read plenty of reviews on Betway following this and as you say they should not be touched with a barge pole.
        I'm sure if I had been losing they would have continued to allow me to make deposits using this card.

        I'm not aware that I was violating any bonus terms as they allowed me to take part in this promotion before making a deposit and place several bets with the winnings afterwards.


        • All the cards are stacked in Betway's favour in a case like yours (they shouldn't be, but they are). I don't know what the conditions of the promotion were, so I've no idea whether you violated any of the bonus terms or not. At the very least, however, Betway should return your £10 deposit, given that you are one of the holders of the account from which the deposit was made. If you continue to get nowhere with them, then make an official complaint against them to the UK Gambling Commission by whom they are licensed in respect of their UK customers. I doubt the UKGC will do very much in the short term (and maybe nothing in the longer term either), but you should still let them know what has happened. You never know, but if enough complaints about one of their licensees are received, they might one day do something about it.


          • They did eventually refund my deposit.Going to wait and see what there next reply is...... If I get one.Then I may well take your advice.

            I know because I used the wrong card this isn't going to look to favourably for me, but the reason they are giving me now for confiscating my winnings is that they were aquired from a deposit that should not have been allowed which is not the case.


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