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  • Self Exclusion Help, Please!

    Hi all,

    Firstly just wanted to say a big thank you to all the useful advice on here, have read back on old forum posts about a similar issue to what mine is and its a big help, if I can get anything like that today then I will be very pleased.

    So here goes. I had a Betfair account, which (I can't remember the exact date, think it would be around 2 years ago) was closed under a permanent self exclusion as I had started to struggle with gambling, debts, etc.

    I have been going through a tough time recently financially, and stupidly decided to try and earn some quick easy cash by setting up a new account with Betfair and placing some bets on the tennis. I put in my actual name, my actual address, my new mobile number, and my date of birth. All of which are the same as what was on my previous account. I then used my debit card to add funds to the account. Now the card used is linked to the same bank account I had previously used, however its just a newer one as the one they would have on file in the self excluded account would have expired.

    Before long I had racked up some serious deposits, to the tune of £2000. Before long, Betfair had suspended my new account (which's username is my new email), and when I tried to access on my phone, it came up with the message:

    "This account is self excluded as part of our Responsible Gambling Policy and cannot be accessed. Please contact us if you require further assistance."

    I knew that this would probably happen, and if Im honest Im glad it did. I felt sick to know that I had relapsed, but without trying to run from all responsibility, feel that it should have been allowed to happen in the first place. I mean same bank? Same address?

    The account was suspended with around 572 in it. I knew I had another bet that had been placed, which was due to resume later in the day so contacted customer services using live chat, and told them about the issue, and how I wanted all deposits reversed and the account closed again. She said that they wouldn't pay up, and would only return what was in the account, and what would be added to it if the pending bet won. She also said that they wouldn't be able to do anything as I had lied about my name, as my old account had Matt, whereas this time I had used Matthew. I really don't think an abbreviated name should make a difference, especially as the name would have been inputted when putting in card details.

    Either way she eventually terminated the chat, as I was asking to speak to a manager, or gain a contact for the manager, which she wouldn't give me, said we were going in circles, then left. After this I had to pop out. I came home this evening to see my pending bet had won. This gained another 625. I logged onto the account as I could still see account balances, all else is locked, and saw that the balance hadn't changed. The game had finished over 4 hours ago.

    This time I called Betfairs customer services. After some back and forth, I was put on hold as the lady spoke to the traders, as the bet that had won (the extra 625) wasn't showing at all on my account. To my shock, she returned and said the traders had said this money was lost when the account was suspended, saying I only had 572 to withdraw. Not even my original stake, placed yesterday evening as soon as the account was opened (match only just finished due to a rain delay), would be returned she said. I was so shocked I told her I wouldn't let that drop and now the traders have said they will look into this and let me know.

    I can't believe what has happened, but am looking for help as to sorting this. I understand I have been stupid to relapse, but just want to try and get my life back on track again. I want to have all my deposits returned to me since this new account was opened as I was under a self exclusion. Even in a worse case scenario, I cannot understand how they can close my account, take a pending stake (and winnings!) then say they are not returning any deposits made.

    I have seen some members have helped with complain emails/leters etc and would love anything as such. I asked what to do next to Betfair customer services and they said "just contact gambling commission but it won't do anything"

    Thanks in advance.

  • Difficult one this, as what you have described has been used by fraudsters to scam bookies over the last year or so.

    Also, in regards to obtaining deposits back again, it may depend on how you bet with betfair. Did you use the sportsbook or exchange???


    • I did a couple of bets on Sportsbook. The rest was on the exchange. What would you do from here as by no means am I scamming. Thanks for your response too


      • I know that this won't help your current dispute with Betfair, but opening another account with a bookmaker from whom you have self-excluded is a road to nowhere. You will never be paid any winnings, as bookmakers invariably check for previous self-exclusions before processing a first withdrawal request, and in many cases you will not even have your bets voided and your deposits returned (although I feel a reputable bookmaker should always do that). Good luck with this in any case.


        • But that is so unfair. I get I shouldn't have done this. But now they are just not helping me at all. I'm not even getting my stakes returned currently let alone winnings. How can they take my deposits, and then take my stakes from these deposits, as well as my winnings? I hadn't even lost. I feel sick at this situation and wish it would end. You will never know how bad I feel for relapsing just want my deposits back, or at the very least the remaining 1200. I can't believe then can void a bet that has won and keep the stake


          • Hi on a similar thread I also had a relapse and open account with love your bingo after loosing lots sent email asking to close account. There was no details on set on how to do this. Stupidly went back on the site and found my account still open and lost even more. I have now finally managed to close the account can I ask for a refund of money deposited after request to close account. They are saying they did not get email bit have proof it was sent to support and recieved.


            • Originally posted by read20

              I did a couple of bets on Sportsbook. The rest was on the exchange. What would you do from here as by no means am I scamming. Thanks for your response too

              whether intentional or not, Betfair may have flagged you as a potential fraudster due to the large amount of people doing this over the last year or so.

              The problem here is the fact you used the exchange, as you're betting against another customer and not Betfair themselves, they will be unable to void any exchange bets and refund stakes / deposits unless done so at their own costs. If they decide to classify as a potential fraudster then it's unlikely you will get anything back that was wagered on the exchange.

              They should however refund any deposits used on the sportsbook as this won't cost them anything other than fees back to the deposit method.

              I'm not sure how far you would get by starting an official complaint through here or SBR, as you openly admitted to knowing about the self exclusion and used a different email to sign up.

              i hope you didn't try registering with your old email address first - as you probably would have received an error message / warning about the account being closed. This would probably be logged on their system and would definitely not help your case


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