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  • 138bet.com

    I am wondering if anyone knows anything about 138bet.com (http://www.138.com) ?

    According to BMR, 138bet.com is in the Sungame group (containing 138bet.com and Sungame.com) and the reputation is blue.

    However, the website of 138bet.com is almost identical to Jenningsbet.com and having compared a few odds and lines between these two sites it looks like these are identical too.

    It looks like 138bet.com is a skin of Jenningsbet.

    Jenningsbet is in the TGP group and has a rating of 1 Red (avoid).

    So - does anyone know if 138bet.com should also be added to the TGP group and should therefore be avoided?

  • Also, both 138bet.com and Jenningsbet.com have identical websites and identical odds to 10bet.

    10bet is part of the SportsBettingTech group.

    In summary we have 3 bookmakers with identical websites and identical odds, that are all part of 3 different groups:

    138bet.com ---> Rating 3- -> (good/safe rating) --> Sungame Group
    10bet ---------> Rating 2.5 ->(not so good rating) > SportsBettingTech group
    Jenningsbet --> Rating 1 --> (red/terrible/risk) ---> TGP Group

    I would like to sign up with 138bet.com - - but looking at the identical website and odds with Jenningsbet, I think there MUST be some kind of link between all 3 example bookmakers above. Does anybody have a definitive answer?

    All help and comments welcome.


    • 138 and Jenningsbet are NOT in the same ownership, but merely share/are powered by the same platform provider (TGP Europe) - hence they have the same markets and odds. A number of other bookmakers are also on the TGP platform (e.g. Setantabet, Betstars). I have an account with 138.com and, although I don't use it much as the TGP odds aren't great, I've never had any serious issues with them (I don't have an account with Jenningsbet).


      • Hi Trevrizent,

        Thanks for your explanation. It is understood and greatly appreciated.

        While we are on the subject of bookmakers who use the TGP Europe platform, would you say that 138.com is the safest of the various books one could choose from? For example, would you say 138.com is safer than 10bet?

        I have read some bad things about 10bet - but from memory as long as you avoid all bonuses with 10bet they are also meant to be safe.

        All replies appreciated.


        • I've never used 10bet, so I can't compare them with 138. I think you could do a lot worse than bet with 138 (as long as you don't mind the odds) and I've never had any major problems with them myself, but that's about as much as I can say because I don't use them very often.


          • Thanks very much for your reply!


            • Earlier this month i had a high 3 figure withdrawl from 138.com paid to my skrill account on the same day that I asked for it.


              • Thanks for your reply, ThePrisoner. It is greatly appreciated.


                • 10bet i believe are fine, they just have a lot of terms to abide by when using a bonus, which is why you see a lot of complaints regarding 10bet and their bonuses. just make sure you read the terms in full if you take a bonus.
                  Some have to be used on multiples and some not. Most of their bonuses have restrictions on certain markets such as asian handicaps and O/U 2.5 etc.. usually its on markets where there are only two outcomes.

                  they do have a sort of roguish term whereby they may allow you to place bets using the bonus which dont count towards the rollover, however they are also covered by another term which allows them to void your bets and bonus if you do so!!!


                  • Hi Yourmum,

                    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. I agree with your statements regarding the 10bet bonus. It is complicated and simply too risky to use this kind of bonus. It is too much effort for the value of the bonus to ensure that you comply with all the t&c (knowing that if you make some kind of mistake either the bonus and/or funds may be voided for some reason). I agree that as long as all bonuses are avoided, 10bet appear to be safe. Overall, it appears to me that 138bet.com is marginally safer and therefore a slightly better proposition than 10bet.


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