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  • William Hill Spiderman Slot


    I've registered this evening solely to expose William Hill's Casino 'offering following the most incredible harsh experience these past 24 hours. To anyone who plays slots regularly, I only wish to share my experience in the hope it may make you think twice before depositing like I did, only to suffer the same fate. I'll jump straight to the point. I deposited 1k yesterday and played Spiderman slot (Spiderman v Green Goblin). PLaying £6.25 a spin, the game proceeded to play through between 250 and 300 spins without a single Bonus round being triggered. I would say on c.15 occasions two Bonus symbols rolled in only for no third to appear adding insult to injury but long story short, £1000 and no Bonus awarded. This evening, I have had EXACTLY THE SAME experience. Same deposit, same game, same stake, same outcome. For a game supposedly 'random' this is somewhat consistent and in my opinion, a total and utter disgrace. The two combined deposits equal £2,000 and probably over 600 spins without a Bonus being triggered. I don't understand how any regulated UK bookmaker is allowed to get away with this? I'm not suggesting the Bonus rounds should leave me on a profit. I've played slots for years and I know what to expect but this experience on a totally new level and I just want to warn people that William Hill is ripping the hell out of their clients. I don't know any other means of escalating my concerns, frustrations or even raising a complaint along the lines of being a victim of corrupt gameplay so I've opted to post this and if it makes even one person think twice, hopefully some good will have come out of the most shocking gameplay I think I have ever endured.

    I feel victimised, let down, a little embarrassed admittedly but mostly, concerned for unsuspecting players who are about to get whacked like me. William Hill need serious auditing in my opinion. There is no way that such gameplay could be considered legal in my view.


    Deposits = £2,000
    Total Spins = Approx.500-800
    Bonuses Awarded = ZERO.

    Anyone else think this is a total disgrace?

  • Not uncommon I'm afraid. I see you state it as being supposedly random - the games are random. You just had a bad experience. Patterns do occur with these online slots and there are claims on Average a bonus round may occur every 200 or 300 spins, however this can be down to the variance of the game you are playing and the percentage of the RTP locked into the bonus round.

    The bonus is just a substitute for a standard win, and is only there for entertainment purposes in order to fix people onto the game.

    When you press spin and data is sent / received back to you, you are sent either a winning spin or losing spin. If the data received says you will receive a £40 win for example, it could be as a bonus or a reel win.

    There is nothing set in stone in regards to how often a bonus should be won - it is random. While you may see people post averages it isn't guaranteed.

    Also just thought I would point out that this game has nothing to do with William Hill. It's owned and operated by a separate company (not sure off the top of my head, but probably playtech). William Hill just provide it in their casino for customer use. If you really feel you have been cheated then contact the software provider


    • Thanks for replying. I understand that William Hill acts as a reseller in many respects but ultimately if they are promoting a game on their website, I would expect them to take some responsibility for the way it is behaving / treating loyal customers. Their Customer Services are quite frankly terrible and I've lost count of the amount of times I've asked a question only for that to be completely ignored. It's immensely frustrating. Anyway, that's besides the point and I've come to expect nothing less on that front.

      I can subscribe to the notion that these games are purely random. Having been an avid player for many years, random behaviour would have generated random results in both a positive and negative manner yet it is almost always negative and this is rather consistent as oppose to random. When, for example, has anyone ever triggered successive Bonus rounds? NEVER! It can quite happily play through £2000 without issuing one, but never has it ever triggered a Bonus round twice in succession so there is a restriction being applied somewhere. Your response suggests you maybe employed by either a bookmaker or slot vendor as I'm sure any ordinary player would greatly sympathise with what is an absolutely disgraceful return. If 700+ spins and no Bonus rounds can be justified, I don't understand why the gambling commission is not intervening here because where does the line get drawn? 2k? 5k? 10k? I'm basically being told I could spend 50k, not get a Bonus round and 'it's random!'

      I am fortunate enough to be financially secure and I have got over this loss but without doubt it's changed my view on onlinen slots gaming and I simply feel sorry for others in perhaps less fortunate circumstances who just do not stand a chance of winning when the bookies can simply hide behind the 'it's random' statement when player returns have been appalling.


      • You seem to feel that a bonus round should be a regular occurrence or occur within a set amount of spins. If you do think this, then you cannot believe that the slots are random. If the machine did produce a bonus round within a range of spins then the machine wouldn't technically be random at all.

        You should concentrate on your personal return to player as opposed to whether or not a bonus should be attained within x amount of spins.

        As I previously stated the bonus is the same as a standard reel win and is only there for entertainment purposes / as a hook for players. If the machine wants to pay you £500 on one spin, it could be a bonus or a reel win.

        Also as you say you are experienced, you should know that as this is progressive jackpot games the RTP % is pretty low compared to non progressive slots. So if a high percentage of the RTP is locked into a bonus round then the bonuses will occur less often.

        A shit progressive game, for example deal or no Deal, bonuses occur more often but some have a fixed return - the bankers best offer always offers between 16 and 20 times stake.

        Unfortunately what you state is correct, you could spend 50k and get no bonus or you could have 20 spins and get 3 bonuses.

        Bonuses aren't guaranteed and if you are playing just for a bonus round then you have to be prepared for something like what has happened to you


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