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  • Marathonbet Concerns

    Hi all,

    I recently opened an account with Marathonbet, deposited £60 to place a bet and they would not accept a bet that size in this particular market. I later uploaded £10 more and placed a bet on a Boxing match and won £105 approximately. I attempted to withdraw my funds (using skrill which is usually extremely fast) and after 2 days I received an email requesting ID to verify my account. I have sent the documentation and have so far received a large number of the same emails asking me to confirm my mothers maiden name and no confirmation of my ID being accepted.

    I am really concerned as a lot of people seem to be falling victims of this kind of treatment from Marathonbet. Is this standard practice from them? and If I manage to get my money from them would anybody recommend ever using them again??

  • If you keep at them, then it's likely they'll pay up in the end - but only after they've made you jump through any number of unnecessary hoops, wasted a great deal of your time and caused you a lot of stress for no reason. Once you've been paid, close your account and stay away from them - they're more trouble than they're worth and I wouldn't advise anyone to touch them with a barge pole these days.


    • Hi Trevrizent, Thanks for your response, very helpful indeed. I really wonder how they have the sponsorship deals they indeed have when this is how they treat customers. Fingers crossed I get my cash back and will be closing right away. Thanks again


      • They will pay you eventually, but they seem to take forever to verify your documents. I did read somewhere before (it might have been on here) that the best thing to do was to harass them about it on twitter - as the tweets are public, they seem to sort those out quicker than via email / chat


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