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  • Another Gr88 Complaint

    I opened a new account with Gr88 on the 12/02/15 with the 100% bonus with £100 deposit. Up to 25/02/15 I had managed to build up the balance up to £1310 and had received confirmation from them that I had completed the rollover requirements needed to process a withdrawal. When I have attempted to withdraw the funds for the few days before this, there hadn't been any card details to choose from for the withdrawal. Gr88 said this was a system issue that was being looked into. I deposited a further £10 on the 24/02/15 to see if that would save my card details on their system and subsequently received an email saying that my account with them has been closed with no reason included. After this, they said this was a security procedure when any deposit is made and my account was unlocked. Prior to this I did message them to ask if a further deposit would fix this and they didn't mention not to or say that it would close my account.

    Once I requested my withdrawal of £1310, my account was locked for the following 5 working days as another security procedure whilst they processed my withdrawal.

    At the end of the 5 working days, on 03/03/2015 I received an email from Rory Bennett as follows:

    'During the approval of your pending withdrawal, the Fraud Department has uncovered fraudulent action related to your account, as it is linked to other GR88.com accounts.

    Any attempt to breach the terms and conditions on the gaming site is met with zero tolerance. The combination of sophisticated anti-fraud software and a highly trained team of fraud experts have determined that your account is irrefutably linked to this action.

    I have forwarded mutual correspondence and all of the fraud data to the legal department for further action should they determine that this justifies criminal charges for internet and computer fraud.

    Based on this determination, your pending withdrawal has been cancelled, and all funds have been removed from you account. The decision is final and irrevocable.'

    I have never had any other Gr88 accounts and don't know anyone else that has had a Gr88 account. Gr88 also work alongside other betting websites called Bulldog777 and Geobet and I have never had an account with these either, Gr88 have effectively stolen my winnings and deposit totalling £1310.

    Any advice on what I could do in this situation would be great thanks.

  • Are you a UK player? I see you have quoted balances in £.

    This bookie is not licensed by the UKGC and as such should not be taking your deposits, let alone allowing you to bet.

    While they are stating fraud, it might just be a generic email they have sent out and the real reason is that they know they can confiscate your winnings IF you are a UK player.

    If you are a UK based player, stick to UKGC licensed bookies in future as there is not much you can do should a non UKGC licensed bookie confiscate your winnings.

    You can report them to the UKGC for accepting bets from you, but it is unlikely you will receive your balance. They should however refund your deposits.

    I hope you're not a bonus hunter as I'm guessing if you were backing/laying to extract the bonus then you'll be £1200+ out of pocket.


    • I am a UK player and not a bonus hunter although the original bonus is what made me choose Gr88.

      I'm only down the £110 but it's the principle that this site can take bets from people, keep the money if they lose and then just keep the money if they win by discrediting the customer with these accusations.

      At the end of the day, I've checked their odds against other betting sites since this debacle and their odds are always at least 10% lower so they must make money regardless without needing to resort to stealing people's legitimate winnings too.

      I'll be really angry if I only end up with my deposit back from them as I have essentially risked that money for nothing. If I'd have lost that money on bets, would I have grounds to receive it back?

      Finally, whilst signing up, there were very stringent security procedures in place. I had to include copies of various id and proof of address along with a signed consent form from their site. I find it curious that these apparent 'fraudulent linked accounts' weren't found before my initial deposit and only once I had won money from them.


      • You've probably been targeted as you are a UK player. GR88 are probably well aware that they shouldn't accept registrations from UK players, but have not put anything in place to stop you signing up and depositing.

        I doubt that they believe your account is fraudulent or linked to fraudulent activity - I believe they are just using this as an excuse. The real reason is probably because you are based in the UK.

        No UK player should be wasting their time or money with non UKGC licensed bookies as confiscation of funds is something that will inevitably happen and they will use that they are not licensed as an excuse to do so.

        Although they may disguise it as fraud or something else, this will almost certainly be the reason for doing so.

        I would try issuing a complaint via the newbmr email in the thread at the top of the forum, but I would point out that you may be stuck in a situation that you can't win.

        If they can disprove fraud, they may use the licensing thing against you.

        If you get your deposit back then take it as a lesson learned and stick to UKGC licensed bookies.

        Also no offence but how did a 100% bonus with a rollover of 12x deposit + bonus attract you? It's pretty awful.

        You could have had the same offer at bet365 with a rollover of just 3x bonus.


        • Admin, delete this post please.


          • Hi denzzz101,

            Sorry, but BMR doesn't delete any post or submitted complaint for record purposes, except in cases which violates the BMR guidelines; https://www.bookmakersreview.com/guidelines


            • Originally posted by denzzz101

              Admin, delete this post please.

              Why after so long Denzzz101? Has the book asked you to try and remove it?


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