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  • Have you asked Ladbrokes what more they want for the purposes of verifying your ID ? If you have,and they haven't responded,then point out to the Gibraltar authorities that the 'way forward' isn't working - and why.


    • Yes Im asked-sent email 16 January to Ladbrokes and still without any answer.

      yes and I told David Walsh(Gograltar) man who comunication with me sometimes-
      Ladbrokes dont answered om my emails!
      but David answer was only-THE OPERATOR WILL BE CONTACTING YOU..
      that is all what Gibraltar can help me in this case....


      • Have you tried phoning them? You will probably get a lot further pursuing ladbrokes or even the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner over the phone.

        So you registered when you were in Ireland and placed the bet in Ireland. Just a couple of other questions.

        Although you registered in Ireland, did you use an Irish address or your latvian address (if you still had one).

        Did you try to withdraw your balance whilst in Ireland or when you were back in Latvia?

        If you have registered in one country with details from another or if you have tried cashing out whilst in a different location, this would have alerted the security team as a potential issue.

        Your ID might not be the problem, it could be something do do with your IP location either whilst registering or trying to withdraw.


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