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  • Ladbrokes dont pay out-play the fool

    Hello My username in ladbrokes is diana8181
    I registred on 5 nov and deposited money.On next day I get email from support-We need to verify your account,please send ID document and bill as well to documents@ladbrokescasino.com
    I sent documents.
    On next day I get answer from verification team

    Your account has been verified,you will not be asked to send specifik documents again.

    On 8 november I placed 10k on Malaga vs Eibar .My bet was winning and on my account is 16800 eur.
    On next day I login and try to withdrawl but unfortunately when I click on Banking button opened new windon and Im forced logout.I try to wihdrawl several times-nothing.Also Im forced logout when I click on MY ACCOUNT batton.On LIVE chat support agent advise me cleared cookies and changed browser-nothing help.Your account is OK for withdrawl he also told me.
    Agent escalate my withdrawl issue on relevant team 2 weeks ago.Every time after I asked them-what about issue I get one email

    Please be advised that your withdrawal issue is still being reviewed by the relevant team.

    We would like to apologize for the delay and rest assured that you will be notified as soon as there's an update.

    For the meantime, we ask for your patience and cooperation.

    2 weeks he cant resolved this.Last week their LIVE chat dont working at all.

    Also I submit complaint and send to support about this.
    Also get same answer-please be patience and cooperation!!!
    I dont know what is RELEVANT TEAM in ladbrokes holt but he dont working !!!!

    Is there any who can help me??

  • If you still haven't heard anything back from them send a complaint to disputes@bookmakersreview.com and we'll try to see if we can help


    • Hello

      3 days ago I get unaccountable email from Ladbrokes support

      I am writing regarding your account: diana8181
      We regret to inform you that the copies of the documents you sent us didn't pass our security measures. We suggest that you send us valid copy of your ID and proof of address for your account to be updated.
      If we can be of any further assistance, please contact us again and we will be happy to help you.
      Kind regards,
      Customer Servic

      I get that kind of email after 20(!!) days that I get several emails 5-6 weeks ago that kind of emails !!

      Thank you for contacting us regarding your account diana8181.
      The documents you have sent were verified in accordance with our security procedures and your account has been updated accordingly.
      Please be advised that you will not be asked to send these specific documents again.
      Thank you once again for your cooperation in this matter.
      Ladbrokes Verification Team

      I get this email after that when on LIVE chat several time agent told me YOUR ACCOUNT IS FULLY OK FOR WITHDRAWL PLEASE CLEAR COOKIES !!!!!!

      Also I sent my issue to disputes@bookmakersreview.com on 24 nov as per previous post advice and also dont get any answer from you...



      • It sounds to me as if Ladbrokes are claiming that this is some type of technical issue.My tech knowledge of cookies is zero, but try sending them an email saying that you have tried clearing cookies,but have been unable to withdraw normally using their system,and that you are 'hereby requesting a withdrawal' and stating the withdrawal method and amount.Point out that they have stated both in emails and livechat that your account was verified - forward the emails.Ultimately,Ladbrokes cannot hide behind tech difficulties with their system if you are having problems with that.They do have a reputation to protect.


        • couple hours ago I get one more email

          Thank you for contacting us regarding your account, diana8181

          After careful and thorough investigation we are now in a position to inform you that your account will remain suspended indefinitely. This is due to the fact that we cannot verify any of the documentation you have sent to us. Should you open any new accounts they will be closed down with immediate effect.

          This decision is not open to discussion and any further communication on this subject will be rendered futile.

          If we can be of any further assistance, please contact us again and we will be happy to help you.

          Kind regards,


          Customer Services Agent




          • It seems strange to me that your account was confirmed as verified, but after you placed a large winning bet, your account was suddenly not verified. Are you saying that Ladbrokes have now effectively confiscated your balance of 16800 Euros? Obviously I can only go on what you have posted on here, but their behaviour does not seem to be in keeping with that of a reputable bookmaker, which Ladbrokes, even though I am no fan of theirs, most certainly are. Assuming you are not resident in the UK, then I think you need to contact the Gibraltar Gambling Commission (www.gibraltar.gov.gi/home/2126-the-gambling-commissioners-advice-to-complainants), download and complete a Complaint Resolution Request Form and send it to gccomplaints@gibraltar.gov.gi I know that this is long and complicated process and the matter is unlikely to be resolved quickly, but if what you say is true (and I've no reason to think it isn't), then you must not allow Ladbrokes to get away with treating you like this. Good luck.


            • It doesn't seem to me like Ladbrokes are saying the document scans are unclear or of poor quality in this case - otherwise they wouldn't have accepted your verification in the first place. The only thing that makes sense to me here is that Ladbrokes have decided that the documents are fake,altered or in some other way fraudulent - eg not yours.If Ladbrokes are wrong about that,and the documents are yours and are genuine,then your only options are new BMR or the authorities [since Ladbrokes have refused to talk to you].If you can prove that the documents are genuine,then Ladbrokes will have a very weak case - since they accepted your verification in the first place,and since they later refused to talk to you.
              The only other possibility that I can think of,is that Ladbrokes think that you have cheated them in some other way.


              • Seems I know where is problem( I think ).I sent two documents-driver license and passport. Both document is issued on 2005 year(difference 2 month). On driver license I have black hair on passport Im blondie. I think therefore he decided my documents is fake.
                Miserably if that is reason....


                • That may well be the reason, but it doesn't explain why Ladbrokes originally told you that your account had been successfully verified and you didn't need to do anything further. Nor does it entitle them, in my view, simply to confiscate your balance and break off all communication with you without providing you with a proper explanation as to what was wrong with the documents you had submitted or giving you the chance to submit alternative documentation as proof of ID. My advice remains the same - contact the Gibraltar Gambling Commission and don't let Ladbrokes get away with this without challenging them.


                  • If you are in fact female,it might be worth one last shot.Try 'phoning Ladbrokes and asking to speak to somebody senior.Point out that ladies often change their hair colour.Ask them to take another look at your case.
                    At least you might find out if that was the reason !


                    • Hi again

                      Still cant resolev my (ladbrokes) problems with payout.
                      Also Gibraltar Gambling Commission doing nothing.Get severals emails from David Walsh(Gibraltar commision)
                      like this

                      I have referred the matter to the operator. I will contact you once I have received a response.


                      I would advise you to liaise with the operator to determine what they would consider an acceptable way to proceed given the information you have provided. The webpage you link to below appears to suggest a possible way forward.

                      and last

                      The Operator will be contacting you.

                      I sent email to Arthur(Customer Services Superviser)16 january and still dont get any answer.

                      Is tehre any higher power than Gibraltar comision because they do NOTHING.
                      Where can I subbmit complaint about Gibraltar Commision inaction?


                      • Strange case this one.... A few things do come to mind though after reading through this thread.

                        The game in question may have been corrupt (match fixing). As your wager was pretty large, they may suspect you could be involved in a match fixing betting syndicate and are using the ID verification as an excuse.

                        In regards to initially being verified, this appears to happen quite a lot and then bookies say you have failed checks. The only reason for this (that I can think of) is that the ID will be manually checked before being sent for further verification by an external company. So while you may have been initially verified by customer service, any large payout would initiate further checks such as checking for image editing, time stamps and use of external ID verification. ID fraudsters make various mistakes when falsifying ID which are picked up instantly via digital verification.

                        Lastly, you're listed as being from Ireland on this forum, but your command of English seems to be lacking somewhat. Perhaps you're just being lazy and because of this ladbrokes may suspect you're not who you say you are.


                        • yea,Im not from Ireland and my English is so so.When I placed bet Im working and living in Ireland but now more than 3 month Im home.But all this details know as Ladbrokes as Gibraltar and there is no questions or suspect about this.There is question about inaction as from Ladbrokes side(dont wana answer on emails or other comunications) as from Gibraltar side-I see you can resolve this problem.
                          It is NOT normally answer from Gibraltar side!!!


                          • Maybe that could be the issue then - if you were registered in a different country and placed the bet from a different location, that could be the "security" issue. This combined with your ID issue + the large wager probably flagged up as highly suspicious by the bookie.

                            Where are you from by the way / what country did you register from???


                            • Im from Latvia but when I registred I registred from Ireland .As I sad There is nothing issue about my location but my ID because my ID documents is NOT SUFFICIENT FOR THE PURPOSES OF VERIFAYING MY IDENTITY.How passport and driver license can be NOT SUFFICINTE???


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