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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with titan bet, and hopefully some positives to tell me! I opened an account with them last week. deposited £40 which i turned into £500. I havent used, nor do i think i have been offered any bonuses of any sort. I requested to withdraw the whole amount straight away. Seeing as i havent used any bonus i cant see how there would be any problem. Anyway, they asked me to send them ID etc to verify age. Not a massive problem as i have all these saved on my desktop. So i sent them both my drivers license and passport. This was a week ago and i have heard nothing back from them since. The £500 is still sitting in my account and they are ignoring my emails.

    Just wondering if i should be worried at all or if these are in fact a reputable company?

  • Have a look at the recent thread 'TitanBet won't pay me my winnings' - that seems to point the way forward in a case such as yours. Good luck.


    • Still going 1/5 the odds a place for the Champion Hurdle - tells you all you need to know about them.


      • TitanBet are fine and used to be pretty good just over 18 months ago. Had some good promos too.

        Unfortunately, like all bookies they were hit massively by a load of dickhead fraudsters, so all the good promos disappeared and decent lines disappeared. Horse racing odds were fairly decent to start with, now as Trevrizent has stated they're shocking - no BOG, no place enhancements etc...

        Despite this I do rate them as trustworthy and reliable - because of so many fraudulent incidents, their KYC has become pretty stringent and they do ask for a lot more than most bookies.

        Live chat is okay, but email support is pretty poor. Not sure about their twitter feed (if they have one) but they are pretty responsive via their Facebook Page. Try contacting them on there.

        Don't worry, your money will be safe. Payout to Skrill usually within 48 hours, can't remember card payout times though.


        • Now going 1/4 the odds a place - looks like naming and shaming on here might have some effect after all.


          • Originally posted by Trevrizent

            Now going 1/4 the odds a place - looks like naming and shaming on here might have some effect after all.

            Probably waited to see how many followed suit before jumping on the band wagon


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