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  • Ball2win

    About 5 weeks ago I opened an account with the above (ball2win). I deposited £1200.

    Intending to place some sports bets I found their website was too slow for this to happen. Instead I played on the casino. I was down to my last spin and fortunately won a couple of spins in a row. I got my balance up to £2800 after an hour and requested a withdrawal.

    Within a few minutes I received an email requesting identification, etc. I obliged immediately and sent all the relevant documentation, plus more.

    Attempting to log into my account, I found it had (and still is) blocked.

    After a week of not hearing anything, I was told that the casino had been hacked and the regulators were looking into the problem. Obviously this wasn't the case with my game play. I am very much an amateur!

    After a few weeks of my emails being ignored I contacted sportsbookreview who contacted ball2win on my behalf. They were told that there was an ip conflict on my account. Again this was total rubbish as neither my wife or 4 month old daughter know what gambling is. They weren't even there that night. It was just an excuse not to pay.

    A few days ago (5 weeks after I requested the withdrawal) I contacted them again. They told me that they were going to refund my deposit. They considered this the fairest result for both of us.

    How on earth can this be considered fair?! I fair and square won £1600 and they just simply refuse to pay. If I ask for my money they just don't reply to emails. I have contacted their regulator 3 times too. Funnily enough all those emails have been ignored.

    It is a total disgrace people can get away with this. It is paramount to theft.

  • I'm afraid that there is other evidence on this forum to suggest that Ball2Win don't pay legitimate winnings (do a search for them via the forum search tool and you'll see what I mean). I don't want to dishearten you, but I don't think you have much chance of getting your £1600 winnings (although you should still register a complaint against them with BMR Support using the address at the head of the list of forum topics). One thing you might want to do, however, is to contact the UK Gambling Commission who may be interested to learn that Ball2Win still seem to be advertising their 'services' to UK-based customers despite apparently not having a Gambling Commission licence to do so (their owners, Somerville Management Co Ltd, are certainly not listed amongst the Gambling Commission's licence holders and there is no mention of a GC licence on their site). Good luck in any case.


    • Many thanks for your reply - not really the response that I was hoping for!! I managed to track down a phone number for them which was an English one surprisingly. Needless to say there was no answer for a week.

      As a relative amateur to gambling I find it incredibly depressing to know that there are bookmakers operating that are known con artists. As far as I can see, once I deposited my £1200, there were 2 possible outcomes.

      1) I lose my money
      2) after 5 weeks of despair, arguments, emails, etc. I get my deposit back!

      How depressing.


      • Sorry I should have added that it is probably slightly my fault for not doing enough research into the bookmaker before signing up.

        It just never crossed my mind that this sort of dishonesty occurred within online bookmaking. I naively assumed all was above board and regulated.

        Don't make the same mistake as me. Avoid ball2win!


        • You have my sympathy. In an ideal world this sort of thing simply wouldn't happen, but it does and sites like BMR seek to expose the culprits and prevent players from being stung by them in the future. I know it's little consolation, but stick to bookmakers on the BMR Green (i.e. recommended) List. They may not be absolutely perfect (in my experience no bookmaker ever is), but you will be treated fairly and nothing like this should ever happen to you again.


          • Thank you.

            FYI I have done as you suggested and contacted the UK Gambling Commission.


            • Good - we'll await developments with interest. It may be that Ball2Win do indeed have a GC licence (required by law from 1 November this year for all online bookmakers with UK-based customers), but I can't find any evidence to suggest that they have one.


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