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  • ssmith32
    started a topic LSBet took my funds with no reason

    LSBet took my funds with no reason

    I know I shouldn't be betting but I got paid a bit more than I thought I would this week so I put a bit on a couple of bets and ended up winning £500.
    I tried to withdraw but it wasn't working. I went on chat to see what was going on and they said 'You can withdraw your £40 but none of the winnings, they have been cancelled. This is a management decision'
    I presumed I'd had an account with them or maybe my partner had in the past but I'm not living with her now.
    I asked for the reason. They "We don't have to give a reason. It is a management decision". I said "You can't just take my winnings and not give a reason, that's fraud" and their lovely response was "Yes we can".
    They're based in Curacao and the gaming authority doesn't look particularly professional to be honest. So what's the next step now? Is there anything I can do?
    Anybody else had problems with LSBet?

  • BMR Forum
    LSbet is claiming that this player was a duplicate account of an account registered to a female, and is able to be paid the deposit.

    ssmith32, if you dispute this, please write to disputes@bookmakersreview.com.

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  • BMR Forum
    You can submit a complaint by sending an email to disputes@bookmakersreview.com and we'll see if we can assist

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