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  • Colossus Bets - Wheres the money?

    I have had a good look at the company behind the website https://www.colossusbets.com/ There are a number of red flags that
    jump out.

    Firstly the £10M headline prize looks very odd when the company accounts reveal it has a £1M loan. Where is the money coming from to pay anyone
    who wins one of these prizes. Average pools are about £5K so where are the million pound prizes coming from?

    Secondly the company`s ownership has been deliberately concealed behind an obscure overseas trust. If the company had big backers they would want everyone to know to reassure players that they could payout these massive pots.

    To sum up how can a firm who owe their bank £1M payout a £10M prize? It just does not add up.

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