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  • Self excluded from betway then they let me open a new account a week later

    Hi all,
    I'm sure you've heard this kind of story before.
    I have to admit I've had gambling problems for many years but it was under control until recently (very stressful time).
    Basically, I used my partner's details to open an account with bet way, spent £200 and closed it and asked to be self excluded.
    A week later I tried to open another account with them (As I have excluded myself from pretty much every betting site online). I used the same name, same address, IP address, Date of birth and email address. It was my partner's again (fortunately she is quite understanding as I have some odd mental health problems). I spent about £500 this time.
    I have done similar things before and never claimed back because it was my own fault and I accept that. But with this one I thought it was wrong of them to allow the account to be opened. I don't know of any other site who would have allowed it with all those same details. They are refusing any kind of refund because I used a different payment method. Surely you can't verify if a person is excluded just from a payment method. If so I could open a new account every week with a different method.
    They are based in Malta so does anyone have any idea as to how to go about getting a refund for my partner? Who are the best people to speak to?

  • I forgot one more thing. The second account was being credited with paypal payments but the name and details of the paypal account holder was different to the betway account holder. All other sites I've known have closed accounts when this has happened.


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