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  • Bizonbet problems


    Like i see i am not first with that:

    I come on this bookie over some side,where i find adreas,didnt find no negativ notes there so i made 200€ of deposit all together....i made some 6-7 bets,recive limit 50e buth with possible of repeat bets,never bet more then 100e....after some time when i see that i will not need this bookie,i take money down,some days before end of last monts,i take down 320€,so i made only 120€ profit....and then starts problems and comedy on chat,where you can talk abauth problems,buth like they say...THEY HAVE NOTHING WITH AUTPAYS!!!!

    You must wrote on mail abauth that....buth there i recive back only two mails where they ask me abauth ID number of accaunt and answer that withdraw takes some 3 days....when i wrote back that i already wait some 5 days i didnt recive any answer any more....this was before ONE WEAK,and i send more mails after that...NO ANSWER ANY MORE,totaly ignorance of costumers...on chat cant tell you nothing abauth autpays,on mail you dont recive even answer,not that you can recive money....

    So if you wont seee you money,NEVER MADE DEPOSIT THERE AND NEVER BET THERE!!!!

    My chat comedy,i give only answers form best support ever on my questions abauth autpay and why dont answer me on mails:

    Hello! Welcome to Support Department 24/7: How can I help You?

    Please wait a little, I´ll try to find out what the matter is.
    Please mail about it to this e'mail address < info@bizonbet.com>

    Sorry, I can answer only the questions regarding bets.

    I am sorry, You should mail to this e'mail address info@bizonbet.com

    I am so sorry, we don´t support e'mails regarding www.bizonbet.com web site, so I can´t help You. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, we support only about bets I can't say anything regarding payment.

    I am so sorry, that You haven´t got Your winning yet, but I can´t answer why. only I can support questions regarding bets.

  • After i send on both mails warning and proof (this side and this masseage up) that i start to wrote on all possible sides abauth this,i recive my deposit back...200e have on Moneybookers.

    Buth nothing changed,they take my money-profit what is same thing like if take me all money...i win and i will my money...i continue every day on one side,untill i dont recive other 121€ of profit...if they thing that this worth for this 121€ its ok for me,i have time,and on hunderts sides,let peaple see this and they will closed this bookie soon or later....

    Bad Boy


    • Look how fast they replay now...and what a replay:

      You can write anything and anywhere you want. This only confirms the fact that you have not read the rules of the company before you started playing.

      2.2.19 BizonBet reserves the right to block the player's account in case of suspicion of unfair play (arbitrage bets, exploitation of technical vulnerabilities, etc.) or if player is suspected to be using someone else's identity when opening an account. Account blocking period is usually from 14 to 30 days until the risk management department will examine the history of betting. After checking the gaming account can be unlocked or player will return all its deposits (excluding wins) with a total ban on further play.

      I thing that are ready for RED and Scams and other shit!

      I bet there 4 bets,i stil can in to my accaunt,so was not closed becouse of some wrong bets or something like that,also i dont have more accaunts....on lucky...

      I bet all bets for 50e... 2 tenis pre match,one winn on 2,35 one lost on 3,40...next day one soccer LIVE under 3,5 for 1,83 and win...and after 2 days i bet two times 50€ on PSG,they have best handicap wich i find on -2,5 goals for 1,62...like i remember other have some 1,45-1,50....also winn....and this are reasons that they take my profit away????


      • Now i recive BAN from bookie...


        • Same situation for me, they only paid back deposits. No multiple accounts, did nothing wrong.


          • The bookmaker BizonBet (SAVORY B.V., registered in the commercial register of Curacao under No. 129416, sublicense Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V. #5536/JAZ) is fraudster and thief. I have all grounds to say this because they blocked my betting account with the 758 US Dollars without giving any reason, it has been over a month since the account was blocked, and they refuse to unblock it.
            This is what they reply to all my questions on reasons for blocking my account: “According to company rules the amount of your deposits was returned to you and your account was blocked. This decision was made by the risk control department based on the analysis of your betting history. The company is not obliged to provide detailed explanation of reasons which influenced this decision”.
            To give you a complete picture of unmitigated gall of BizonBet, I will provide some facts: I opened the account on 13.08.2014, deposits were made via Skrill VIP account, monies were deposited gradually, with amounts of 50-100 USD (deposited – lost – deposited again), I betted for 2 weeks, the maximums were initially 50 US Dollar, so that the bet amount did not exceed 50 US Dollar, all in all I made about 100 bets for the total amount of approx. 4 thousand Dollars.
            On 25.08.2014 I made the request to withdraw 500 USD (this is the maximum amount in this betting company you can withdraw at a time), on 29.08.2014 the money arrived in my Skrill account and on the same day my account at BizonBet was blocked.
            On my question regarding reasons for blocking my account, the support answered that the account was blocked in order to check the betting history, and that the block period lasts between 14 and 30 days; 14 days later I wrote one more letter regarding unblocking my account, the answer was that the check is still running (!), and now, after 30 days, on 29.09.2014 I wrote once again with regard to unblocking my account and got no reply. Then I tried to write them from another address – they answered that they will not unblock my account (the exact wording of their reply was cited above).

            P.S. Attention, BizonBet change your providing company and license, now it is "VепtеRRо Gmuр Iпс." , registered in the commercial register of Seychelles under No. 141742.
            Address: Suite 1, Second Floor & Vision House, Francis Rachel Str., Viсtoria, Маhe, Seychelles


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