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  • Betdaq market manipulation

    Im getting sick and tired of the betdaq markets. They appear to be run by robots designed to give the impression that there is a price and there isn't!!!. For example, if I try to lay 3-3 at 150 the price promptly disappears. When I remove the offer...back comes the price. I can do this 10 20 time with the same result. If they do take my offer its because I offer a stupid price example- 3-3 lay offers 65 70 98 ... if i take the 65 it just disappears until I remove the offer BUT if I offer 100 the prices remain but 100 is accepted even though there are 3 prices between. Im SICK OF IT! its like being in an arcade trying to get the pennies to drop.

    What gives. I rang Betdaq and they just said it was because the market was volatile. I told them the market didn't used to deliberately not accept my prices and that there was some sort of bot doing this. But its really hard to hold an intelligent conversation with them. Am I the only one that has noticed this big fat elephant in the room.

    Most markets appear to be genuinely P2P I would guess those more popular markets e.g. match odds or 1-1 but even they might be run by bots due to the high risk (to me) of these bets the bot might just accept them.

    If they are bots are they using there own (ladbrokes) hard earned money. If that is a the case I run the risk of being stifled or banned .... AGAIN because bookies don't accept winners.

    Please Mr Ladbroke can we go back to P2P betting

  • Some bots can tell when you are hovering over a price,and will take evasive action if they don't really want the bet.So the way to avoid that is to click on an inferior price and then adjust the odds upwards before entering a stake and confirming the bet.If the bet still doesn't get matched by an offer that was showing on the screen,then I reckon the bots must be house bots or at least bots with system access.


    • I had a chuckle to my self yesterday. I was trying to lay 3-0 I new it was a fake price. so i tried to see how many time I could lay it. I got to 27 times before i got really bored. each time as soon as the bet confirmed the price disappeared...then came back as I cancelled.

      Its so funny Ladbroke trying to give the impression that loads of people are on the site.

      Another phenomenon I observe is that when 5 minutes or so before the end...for example 5 minutes before half time in the result at half time market, all the prices will disappear at the same time leaving little old me with the only offer in the market. Surely everybody doesn't remove there offers at the same time I often find in football that a goal is scored in the dying minutes. Thus a good time to trade. Ah well beats me. Good luck all. I mean skill sorry.


      • I have to agree that this is a pain. In the past I have specifically deposited because I have seen a price on daq only for it not to be real. I'll bear in mind quincunx' advice in future.


        • I encountered the same problem. Odds are there, you see them, you place your bet... it doesn't get matched and they disappear from the market. The moment you cancel or suspend your unmatched bet, the odds appear again. Repeat 10 times, and it's the same story. It is a disgrace. Someone should make videos of this phenomenon and start a campaign all over the internet to show everyone how "mighty" ladbrokes are. I think betdaq had more decency before ladbrokes bought them.


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