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  • TOTOBET steal all my money


    Yesterday I request for withdraw, afther this, when I ask support if I have completed wagering requirements and if I can do withdraw. They say yes of course.

    Today I get mail:

    Dear Customer,

    "Kindly note that unfortunately we had to reject your withdrawal request and deduct all funds from your account due to breaking the bonus rules.

    After calculating your real money and bonus usage it became clear that the funds in your account were coming from bonus winnings. However you placed bets on odds lower than 2.00 which is against the bonus rules. Therefore we needed to deduct all available funds.

    Thank you for your kind understanding."

    Yesterday they change Terms and Conditions after my withdraw request. And they steal my deposit too.

    What I can to do?

    Please help me!

  • If you cannot prove that they have changed their own rules,you will have to rely on proving that they themselves told you it was okay to withdraw the money.Can you do that ?
    Is there anything in their new rules that forbids you absolutely from placing odds-on bets before you have met the bonus requirements [that would be extremely unusual !]. Or do the rules just say that such bets do not count towards the bonus requirement ?
    If such bets are permitted,but do not count towards the requirement under the new rules,and you can prove that they,themselves told you it was okay to withdraw the money,then point these things out,and ask for the withdrawal request to be reversed,and the money refunded,so that you can fulfill the requirements 'legitimately'.Say that it would be unfair of them to blame you for their own mistake.


    • I can prove that, they change rules, because I found old rules in google memory, and there was nothing about I cant placing bet on lower odds than 2.0.

      And I have mail from support, where I ask them If I completed wagering requirements, and If I can withdraw my money. They respond me, I have successfully completed wagering requirements and I can place request for withdraw.


      • In that case,email Totobet with screenshots of those two things.If they still fail to respond,contact BMR via the sticky,show them the email and the old rules and ask BMR to help/talk to Totobet


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