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  • Marathonbet withdraw issue

    Hi everyone,
    Few days ago, I started using Marathonbet. I made a deposit of 1400 euros and placed bets only on Germany-Ghana Draw and Ghana to win, and few hundreds on Honduras and Ecuador Draw. I won from Germany-Ghana Draw and my balance became 4700 euros, so I decided to make a withdrawal. It was on Saturday evening just after the game had finished. Yesterday (Sunday), I received an e-mail from Marathonbet that I have to send personal documents for verification of my account and I did it. It was early in the morning and after that I didn’t receive any answer (even an automatic e-mail reply) and I decided to call them to ask what’s happening. I am more than disappointed from their service. They just told me that usually the verification process takes few working days but could last up to 10 days, which is more than unacceptable for me. I expected more attention on my case and a better customer service from a serious and quick bookie. What do you think? Do you know about someone who had similar problems with them in the past?

  • There is no doubt that Marathonbet offer extremely competitive odds on a large range of markets - hence their appeal to a wide variety of players. That said, they also come with risks attached. There is plenty of evidence on this forum to suggest that they do not always pay promptly and there is also some evidence to suggest that they occasionally do not pay at all. I would give them the benefit of the doubt for now and allow them some time to verify your details. However, if after ten days you have not received your winnings, then you should contact them again and see what they have to say for themselves. My guess is that you will probably get paid in the end, but you may have to wait quite a while and have several exchanges with them before they do pay you. Personally I wouldn't touch Marathonbet with a barge pole these days, but anyone who does want to bet with them needs to be aware of the potential problems they might experience when trying to withdraw winnings.


    • I have just received my money. Three days for documents aproval is not so bad. I'm a little bit disappoited from their customer service. I expect a better communication from such bookie like Marathonbet. However, I will continue using them because of their competitive odds.


      • That's very good news - I'm glad to hear that you've now received your winnings.


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