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  • grozea
    started a topic Betdaq confiscated my funds.

    Betdaq confiscated my funds.

    Hi, I opened an account with Betdaq, I send a copy of my Identity card to them who was apparently ok by then cause they replied and asked only for a bill or bank statement copy, I deposited, send a bill, and suddenly they asked about a copy of my id again. No, my id is no good anymore, they want a passport but I don't have one, and I have 38 Euro in my account cause I won my first bet at odds around 1.5. I asked them to return my deposit and keep my winnings but they don't want to. I don't need a passport and given the relatively small sum that I have there the costs for a passport may overcome my Betdaq balance, not to metion the bureocracy. My Identity card is fine, and was ok for other bookies.

  • manduro
    When they asked for another copy of the ID card did you send them another one? You can try making a photo of it instead of a scan.

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