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  • Coral refusing payment

    I recently moved home and wanted to bet with coral so I tried and my account wouldn't allow me to because of my new debit card address etc. so I opened up a new account at my new address with my new card didn't take any sign up bonus just simply wanted to make a bet. My bet wins they refuse to pay? Am I in the wrong or can anything be done about this? Help appreciated

  • Have you contacted their customer service team about this? I'm guessing they are not paying because their terms and conditions only permit customers to have one online account, although that's assuming that they noticed that you already had an account with them (and if you had a new address and used a new debit card, then they might not have done). One other possibility is that they want you to submit proof of ID before they allow you to withdraw your winnings. If you registered your new account, placed just one winning bet and then tried to withdraw funds immediately, they may not have had enough time to verify your account details prior to the withdrawal request. It might be worth checking your spam folder just in case there is an email from them asking you to send them proof of your details. Strictly speaking, if you've opened a duplicate account, then they are entitled to void all bets on that account, close it and refund your initial deposit back to your card. They are NOT entitled, however, simply to confiscate your deposit and not return it to you.


    • Just got off the phone to coral after 45 mins, I opened up a new account because I had moved house and couldn't access my old one, they told me they could give me my stake back but not any winnings because it was in there terms and conditions, the problem I have is that the bet was accepted and and layed a lot of it back on bet fair therefore ended up losing. They said I could write to the complaints manager, is this worth trying as I feel like I've been robbed out of £500


      • I can't see that you have anything to lose by writing to their complaints manager, although I would be surprised if they were prepared to do anything other than refund your stake.


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