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  • Go Wild Casino failed miseralbly

    This organisation sent me an email stating that i was to receive 30 free spins on some game as a joining bonus,

    So when I tried to use these so called free spins , it did not work so i contacted their support to resolve this problem and was advised that this did not apply to me as i am in Thailand,

    No problem all this company is doing is using deception to attract its customers which i find disgraceful.If a company acts this way my main concern is are they legit and heaven forbid if you win would these same people actually pay you.

    So dont waste your time as there are better options available.Go Wild Casino should just go.

  • Hi shirtless,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback. It is always important to check for the small print in the case of details being excluded regarding eligibility. We appreciate your feedback.


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