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  • Sports Spread

    Hello, I am wondering what dealings people have had with SportsSpread.
    Whilst im not making a complaint YET, i imagine i will do pretty soon.
    I have played with them for a while, and recently was lucky enough to win. requested a withdrawal and thats where the fun starts!

    Just wondering if anyone has actually been paid by these yet?

    My withdrawal has only been going on about 3 weeks now so i know its still relatively early (for them) but the lack of response and the customer service level is absolutely shocking.

    I have sent countless emails, made countless phone calls and i still havent had confirmation that my withdrawals have been sent.

    Just wondering if anyone has received anything yet?
    There is a post on here where someone claims they may have been taken over and may start paying out now...

  • See the thread below, I've been owed £6000 for 6 or 7 months now, encounter all the problems you have mentioned. I did see somewhere someone had got some money but that seems the exception to the rule.


    • 6 or 7 months! that is a bit more than i have been waiting. Thats ridiculous. I wish i would have read the thread listed before betting with them. These are obviously just a bunch of con men. My balance went overdrawn on the account due to losing a bet and without even contacting me or anything they took the money from my debit card to clear the balance. So they have no problems taking it, but getting a withdrawal off them seems virtually impossible.
      I had an email back from their custmer service centre yesterday saying my cheque had been sent and there is nothing more they can do. I will wait and see if it arrives but i will be amazed if it does.

      I think everyone needs to be warned before opening an account with SportsSpread.


      • Hello. Just wondering tg5321, did Sportsspread ever pay you the money that you were owed? I'm currently waiting on £3,000.00, but have not heard anything!


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