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  • bet 365 didn't pay my winnings

    i waged 150 pounds for a black number on a live roulette game. 28 black was the result and i was waiting and waiting for my winnings nothing happened. I got worried. So i had a chat with them online and told them my story. They looked into it and said the number was 16 red for your particular spin and told me to look at bet history to prove it. I double checked my bet history and was shocked to see that. BTW 16 red was the previous number and i didnt settle any bet, after 16 red i put my money down for the next spin which was 28 black. I don't trust anyone anymore, bloody cheats.

  • I appreciate that this is may be of no help to you,delmassive,but I really cannot imagine bet365 deliberately cheating on a live roulette game..They wouldn't need to,because the odds would always be in their favour.They would expect most winners to blow their winnings on future spins.
    What is more possible is a glitch in their system.No idea how you'd prove that,but ask them to double-check,on the off - chance that they might be sympathetic to a roulette player who they might regard as a valuable customer.You will need to be polite - work on the basis that it was a genuine error and they haven't tried to cheat you.If there is such a glitch it might alienate other customers - ask bet365 if anyone else has had a similar problem,and try internet searches to check for that.


    • i think you could be right quincunx and thank u for sharing your info. It could be a glitch anyway i changed my mind about bet365 and say they are a decent bookie and friendly staff.


      • I recently got a help from a bookmaker to open a skrill & bet365 account , and i tried bets with bet365,everything smooth their system & services is very good.


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