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  • kosfr1n
    started a topic teambet.com (oddsmatrix) stole my money!

    teambet.com (oddsmatrix) stole my money!

    Hello! Stay away from teambet.com. I've deposited 200$ and they gave me 100$ bonus. I completed all requriements and my balance became 5005$. Requested withdrawal for part of my money and they asked my documents. I sent them all that they asked and recieved this message:
    Because of bonus abusing activities in your account all your bets are cancelled and %50 Welcome Bonus has been cleared from your account. Now your account is active , you can place bets without any bonuses. Additionally we inform you that you can’t get any current or future bonuses and promotions.
    Related Items in Bonus Terms and Condition :
    13. Bonus is allowed only per customer, per household, per address, per shared computer and per shared IP address, per any account details like e-email address, bank account, credit card information, payment accounts. Any abuse of the offer will lead to the closure of account permanently.
    14. Bonuses offered by Teambet.com are intended for genuine recreational players only. Abuse of the bonus offer will not be tolerated. Teambet.com reserves the right to investigate, cancel, suspend or lock any account if bonus abuse is suspected. At our discretion, all bonuses and subsequent gaming activity may be revoked and voided, and deposits returned. Professional players or players that we determine to be abusing the bonus offers may face additional restrictions and/or lockouts.
    Risk department
    I have only 1 account and dynamical IP. All documents I've sent them. I've alredy submited complaint form. Please help me.

  • kosfr1n
    Can you help in my situation? I've recieved only this e-mail from LGA :
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail dated 30th March 2014.
    I have made contact with the Representative of Odds Matrix Ltd. (teambet.com) on your behalf about the matter you raised.
    We have requested specific information with regards to the matter you refer to.
    As soon as this information becomes available to the Authority you will be notified accordingly.
    Any future mail should be addressed to complaints@lga.org.mt.

    I still have not recieved reply and they don't answer to my new e-mails.

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  • Dusko

    If i see some details before abauth this bookie,i never bet there. I have simular problems,i take also Bonus (200€ deposit plus 100€ bonus),when i last time see accaunt i have some 850€ and then lost all profit,becouse i didnt make to turn over 3000€ (10 times) in 20 days on odds 2.00 minimum,and with maximal 50€ on bets,like they have in Terms and Co.
    This is 60 bets in 20 days,its unpossible to made this if you play normal. DONT TAKE BONUS THERE PEAPLE,or better,DONT PLAY THERE!!! After 20 days they take me down all profit and leave my 200€.

    With this i come on some 1100€ now. Also i have problems with verification of accaunt! We work on that some 3 weak,i must send at last photo where its to see ID and me,two times! Before that two times Bill.

    Last time i contact livechat before 5 days,when they say that my accaunt is under investigation becouse same IP or duplicate of accaunt or something like that! Who will play there on 2 accaunts if have before same problems???? Like i see many have same problems here!! I must be crazy then,buth i am not!!! Its my first and last accaunt here!!
    They say that i must wait on mail,wich i didnt recive untill now. Also say that still didnt finnish verification of accaunt! I am worried after this,that i lost again my money.

    What can i made,if they say that i have same IP like some others? They can tell everyone this, how should i prove it's not true??

    Thank you for answers :/

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  • BMR Forum
    Thank you for sharing this feedback. Please go ahead and draft these details in an email to complaints@bookmakersreview.com so an analyst can review and get in touch with you.

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  • TZ

    I have BIIIIGGG problems with this bookie,buth on lucky i recive all money and NEVER send a single 1€ again on this bookie! They are arrogant totally in Live support,that we dont talk abauth VERITIFICATION of accaunt! What have i here see,its unbelievable. We made veritify 3 WEAK,nothing what i send was not OK,always they find some reasone that delay veritification! For all bookie is ok becouse i use for all same ID files,only for Teambet was not ok!

    -When you made first WITHDRAW,you will recive mail where they will ID,Bill and picture from Moneybookers accaunt,and when you send this,will find some reasone what is not OK!

    -for START,they didnt answer 4 DAYS from time of my ID sending,so i go in chat,where infor me,that they didnt recive nothing from me abauth my datas. Funny like first,becouse my e-mail didnt tell me nothing abauth that,that they didnt recive my mail. Where is then my mail,on Mars???? In this time one of support arrogant tell me in chat that veritification takes under 10 DAYS!!!! Nice!

    -if you dont contact support,you wait more days that will inform you abauth that,if you contact it, this take 2 days that you recive answer abauth first sending....veritification untill 48 hours today! Nice!

    -then is something not good like we say before,they will in my case that i send in OTHER datas my sending prent screen shoot of Moneybookers,i must made picture not screen shot. Like i say,for all bookie was ok with pren screen untill then! This in support tell me that veritification takes 2-5 days. Nice!

    -when you send this,againt waithing 2-3 or more days for answer if is accaunt ok now,of course is not,you recive answer that they will PICTURE OF YOU AND YOUR ID!!!!
    >>> Additionally send us the photo of you holding your ID in your hand next to your face (high resolution photo where documents are readable clearly)<<<
    So you must made SELFIEEE ))...buth in HIGH resolution!!!

    -then after some days,in chat tell me that probably today will be accaunt veritificated,i must wait on mail from risk department,so i wait!

    -and i see bigest looooool in my live,what they wont! THAT I GO TO MY LOKAL NOTARY WICH MUST CONFIRM MY ID!!! Notary have BIGGG looool there when i say what i need!! Buth i made it,and send to WORST BOOKIE EVER - TEAMBET!

    Then after some days we finally finish this,and i recive LIMIT on my accaunt,becouse i have 1000€ there!
    I take money down and NEVER EVER I BET THERE!!


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  • kosfr1n
    They told me that they have evidence but they don't want to give me it. They told me to contact authorities and they can share all requested all information with them. Can you speak with this sportsbook about my situation?

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