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  • Trevrizent
    When you were prevented from making a withdrawal, did you start betting on stocks because William Hill had either stopped you betting on football altogether or else had severely limited your stakes on football bets?

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  • mile
    Only played on stocks when william hill stopped me withdrawing.All winnings were from football when they had instant cash out button.

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  • quincunx
    Hi,mile.Well,that's the first time you mentioned Stock Market day trading.If you won that way through luck and skill,then William Hill should have been hedging any big positions profitably and should be keen to keep you.If you have managed to find some error or weakness in their system/setup,then well done but they are probably looking for a way to avoid paying you,as that would cost them money.Good luck either way !

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  • mile

    peter miles jmiles321123@gmail.com
    Feb 10 (11 days ago)

    to gsharpe
    I have account with williamhill with over 5000 pounds in.
    For 6 mounths your firm has refused to let me withdraw any money.
    saying i am under investigation,at one time you allowed me to bet,but not withdraw,whitch i found rather odd from such a big firm as william hill.
    As i always thought if you can not win you can not lose. after i pointed this out to your customer service my account was locked.All i ever get is you are under investigation,fair enough but 6 mounths seems a very long time .Could you please give me some indication as to how long it will take.

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  • mile

    Subject: William Hill Online
    Dear Peter,

    Good day.

    I am writing in relation to your previous Live Chat conversation with Jane, regarding the current restriction on your account. Please be advised that the Management Team is still doing an investigation on this matter. We promise to contact you via email as soon as the check has been completed.

    In the mean time, we ask for your patience while the matter is being investigated.

    Should you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We are here to assist you 24/7.

    Kind regards,


    Customer Services
    William Hill Online

    [04:08:53 PM] Hi, you’re speaking to Jane A. How may I help you?

    [04:10:14 PM] peter miles : just lost 265 on stock market now you say 25p is to big what is this all about

    [04:10:38 PM] Jane A: I'll be more than happy to check that for you, Peter.

    [04:10:49 PM] peter miles : thanks

    [04:11:01 PM] Jane A: May I know what specific game you are referring to?

    [04:11:06 PM] Jane A: You're Welcome.

    [04:11:39 PM] peter miles : the index 5min and 1 hour markets

    [04:12:16 PM] Jane A: May I know if you are referring to a Day Trader?

    [04:13:14 PM] peter miles : yes

    [04:13:38 PM] Jane A: I will be transferring this to our Day Trader Team.

    [04:14:01 PM] Jane A: May I have your date of birth, email address and answer to security question-My first car?

    [04:15:28 PM] peter miles : mini 4-8-1980 jmiles321123@gmail.com

    [04:16:01 PM] Jane A: Thank you.

    [04:16:42 PM] Jane A: You will be notified by our Day Trader team regarding on your query via email.

    [04:17:14 PM] peter miles : great seems its ok to lose but not to win

    [04:17:52 PM] Jane A: Thank you.

    [04:18:07 PM] Jane A: I apologised for that, Peter.

    [04:18:27 PM] peter miles : just not right is it

    [04:19:00 PM] Jane A: I am sorry to hear that, Peter.

    [04:19:17 PM] Jane A: Rest assured that our day trader team will contact you via email.

    [04:20:08 PM] peter miles : well it will be a pleasure to hear what they have to say

    [04:20:58 PM] Jane A: Is there anything else that I can help you with?

    [04:22:02 PM] peter miles : anything else,why do you really think you have helped me already

    [04:22:43 PM] Jane A: Do you have any other concerns?

    [04:23:16 PM] peter miles : yes what the hell is happening with my account

    [04:23:48 PM] Jane A: I apologised for that.

    [04:24:00 PM] peter miles : restricted on everything unless of course i lose

    [04:24:42 PM] Jane A: I regret to inform you that we do have a specific department on Day Trader.

    [04:24:49 PM] peter miles : can not bet can not withdraw what do you thik of this

    [04:25:20 PM] Jane A: Do you mind staying on the line for 5-10 minutes while I check this matter for you?

    [04:25:44 PM] peter miles : my god someone needs to monitor the way your firm behaves

    [04:25:48 PM] peter miles : ok

    [04:25:59 PM] Jane A: Thank you.

    [04:38:43 PM] Jane A: Thank you for waiting, Peter. I will be forwarding your query to our relevant team.

    [04:39:13 PM] Jane A: Rest assured that you will be responded via email regarding on your withdrawal.

    [04:39:35 PM] peter miles : ok understand its not your fault--thanks anyway

    [04:39:40 PM] Jane A: You're Welcome.

    [04:39:45 PM] 'peter miles' disconnected ('Concluded by End-user').


    peter miles jmiles321123@gmail.com

    to support
    and 9 days later still no response

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  • quincunx
    It is unusual for William Hill to do this to a customer from the UK.Are you on the electoral register ? Did you fund your account using a debit card,and are you trying to withdraw using the same debit card ?

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  • Trevrizent
    Six months seems a long time for this to be dragging on. Have they given you any indication of what precisely they claim to be investigating, e.g. is it a particular game or a particular bet or series of bets? It would also be interesting to know (if you don't mind telling us) whether they have simply prevented you from withdrawing your winnings (i.e. you can still place bets from your account) or whether the whole account has been frozen/suspended. Personally I would not regard it as either ethical or reputable for a bookmaker to prevent a player from withdrawing their winnings, yet still allow the player to place bets while they claim to be investigating that player's account.

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