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  • I suggest that you point out to them that as a matter of principal,matters such as investigations have to be handled within a reasonable period of time.Point out to them that they have already deprived you of your funds far longer than is reasonable,as their investigation has taken far longer than is reasonable.Ask them how they would feel if it was their money,and whether they intend to pay you interest on it.Ask them how they would feel if a story appeared in the press 'William Hill investigation still not completed after two years. Customer still waiting for payment !'


    • I find it hard to believe that their investigation (assuming there ever was one) can still be going on after this length of time - and if they haven't found anything by now, it strikes me that they are not going to. For now I would follow Quincunx's advice and see whether you make any headway with them. If you don't, then it may be time for you to go on the offensive and either contact the press about this or, as a last resort, look into the possibility of starting proceedings against them via the UK small claims court for non-payment of debt. If you decide to take the small claims route, I would write to them first at their head office in Wood Green and tell them that you are giving them 28 days to allow you to access and withdraw your funds or else you will begin proceedings against them. Obviously it's your money and your call and I'm not a lawyer, but I definitely think you should consider this option if their stonewalling continues and all other alternatives appear to have failed.


      • First and foremost I too have many unpleasant occasions with William Hill.
        1. About a year or two back they would always calculate my current balance wrongly after a few games. I have to check back on the main website to know my exact balance.
        2. They would sometimes deny me from some big winnings, due to so call "connection problems" after they have accepted my bets and I saw that I have won the bet.
        3. When I placed big bets (500 pounds), they would sometimes suddenly cut out connections and I would always find that I have lost the money after I reconnected. It does not happen of the rest of the bets just the big ones.
        4. I managed to withdraw around 2k pounds but was swiftly denied a second withdrawal in the same week and they ask me for identity verification. It’s not like I have not verified before.
        5. They reject online bill statements from established listed companies and insist on paper versions.
        6. They suspended my withdrawal but still allowed me to place bets and deposits, when they were suspicious of my "identity" to my bemusement.
        7. After I sent a new papered address bill as prove they say I could go ahead with withdrawal. But on the next withdrawal they did not bank in on their so called 1 working day policy. I connected to their life chat and they say my account has some minor restrictions???
        8. I ask them what the restrictions were so I could solve it but they claim that it was rectified. And to my amazement, the next time I reload my Moneybookers account which took less than a minute it was deposited in.
        9. They are simply playing games to unsettle you the player. When you get frustrated you sometimes make unreasonable bets which I have done before.


        • Subject: William Hill Online
          Hi Peter,

          We apologize for the delayed response.

          Upon checking your account, I can confirm the total of £5363.95 account balance that you have.

          However, your query has been forwarded to our Security Team for further follow up regarding your request.

          Rest assured you will be notified accordingly once any development regarding your concern is available for you.

          Should you have further questions, please feel free to send us an email or contact our Live Chat Team so we can address your concern in a quicker manner.

          Kind regards,

          William Hill Online
          Customer Services

          Hi peter,


          • Originally posted by mile View Post
            I have account with william hill the so called biggest bookmaker in the world.
            i have won over 5 grand ,i went to withdraw and they said i am under investigation,and will not let me withdraw.i won the money on football games mostely in premier league.its been 6 mounths now and they still say i am under investigation. Any one else had this problem.
            You should contact Gambling commission or police,that's maffia business,or you newer got your money!
            Its insane what they doing to PLAYERS,esp especially on poker games! they trick as much They can!
            And no one give a shit


            • Agreed.The gambling commission is doing some good work now,and will force William Hill to put a reasonable time limit on their investigations.


              • nice 5 year bump

                did this ever get resolved?


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