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  • ibet24seven.com Australian online site

    I recently joined this betting site after many years of using the tab, does anyone have any feedback as i am totally new to online betting.

  • First I've seen of them. They're not a bookie but just a site trying to get you to sign up with bookies. Several others about like them. If you're serious about betting on racing you should be using Dynamic Odds and have accounts with all bookies which will let you have a bet. If you're any good the bigger name ones will soon start limiting your bets; banning you from premium products, or closing your account. The best for racing in Australia without limiting are: TopSport, Unibet, Palmerbet, VicBet, Tatts and TAB in my experience.


    • Thanks Hareeba ,

      I use them and the site is pretty good , as is gives me a choice of books , i will check out some of your suggestions to see if there is any benefits , that i dont get. as it is i get access to all the different bonus bets once ive registered with their books.


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