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  • marathonbet.co.uk withdrawal fiasco

    Hi folks. I just thought I'd share my experience, thus far, with 'marathon'.

    I placed a small £30 bet with them, from my debit card. Nice and easy and probably took less than a minute.
    The bet was a winner, so I hit 'withdraw funds' and received an email asking for ID, in my case, my passport, a recent utility bill and a copy of the debit card used.
    I was slightly dismayed at this and had they asked for this information prior to me placing the bet, I'd have cut out the hassle and gone with the likes of 'hills' etc.
    Never the less, I scanned and emailed the ID and waited a week for my money.
    Nothing, nada... So I endure a Two hour online chat with them, where they have me emailing Three different email addresses of theirs, but to no avail, they don't receive them.

    I'm sort of stuck... I can send the same email, to anyone I know and they receive it, however, marathon's servers don't appear to be able to.

    In the end, I've had to switch to plan B, and have started court proceedings against them. My theory being that it will be a lot easier to get my ID to the courts, than it will to marathon.

    And advice is welcome, and if nothing else, I hope this encounter will serve as a lesson to anyone else thinking of placing a bet with them.

  • Marathonbet.co.uk are licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Have you contacted them (info@agcc.gg or you can fill out the online form at www.gamblingcontrol.org/contact_us.php) and told them about this fiasco? Just a thought, but have you also tried sending proof of your ID to Marathonbet by post? Their address is 6/7 Lovers Walk, Brighton, BN1 6AH (well that's what they claim at any rate).


    • Thanks for the reply. A slight... And I'll used the word 'potential'... update. As of yesterday, the 8th, I have now received an email stating my withdrawal has been successful and I can expect my money in 3-5 days.

      I must say, it's the first booky I've ever used, where the gamble of getting your money back is actually more exciting than the initial bet.

      Perhaps the other shops are missing a trick here ?

      Regardless of that, in the interests of fairness, I will update the thread, if my formerly single bet, that has turned in to an emailing accumulator... reaches my bank account.


      • Success. My money was back in my account today.

        This regardless of the fact that they never acknowledged receipt of my ID. All very strange, but it's a relief to get my money back.

        Not a nice experience and one I wont be repeating.


        • Glad to hear you got your money - and I don't blame you for taking your custom elsewhere. There is no doubt that Marathonbet offer very attractive odds on a wide range of markets (even if their limits are lower than those of many other bookmakers), but there is a lot to be said for taking slightly lower odds with the guarantee of a quick and hassle-free payout instead of having to go through the sort of rigmarole you describe in order to withdraw any winnings.


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