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  • RIVALO.com Closed Account and Confiscated Balance

    i opened an account in rivalo.com on 14.09.2013 and made deposits of total 4960 euro. I didnt take their bonus. I made series of strike winning bets and made my balance to 50336 euro. On 21.11.2013, 4 days ago, after i made withdraw request of 7000 euro and provide all the requested documents to verify my account and they was approoved, they send me a message "After careful investigation they have found that your Rivalo account is linked to an illegal group of organized betting.According to Rivalo Terms and Conditions as per below , if an account is opened and managed in breach of the provisions set out ,then Rivalo is entitled to confiscate all funds from said account." I am not part of any group and i dont know what they mean, and i asked them but they not responding now. I think they are scammers. Is there anyone with the same problem?

  • I think they are scammers too. They confiscated 2371e from me.


    • hello hana i have the problem with rivalo account , they are refusing to pay my balance of 900+euros saying that i breach terms and conditions but in fact i did not broke any of their rules... did you resolve this problem? if you did please tell us how


      • Did someone resolve a problem with Rivalo? They confiscate 5300euro from me.


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