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  • Originally posted by Johnril View Post
    Hi David,

    Sadly like you I have gambling problems and also excluded from every online bookmaker.

    However I have recently like you been able to open two accounts with bookmakers and on both occasions have been successful in getting back my money, only this week getting £2300 back.

    If you have all your emails then I believe you have a very strong case.

    Initially on both my disputes I was told after umpteen emails that I was NOT getting my money back. However the trick is then to write back and ask for your file to be reviewed by the management for their full and final decision before your refer your file to the gambling licensing authority which in this case is in Malta .....which may be a problem I am not sure. They have a duty of care once you have applied for permanent self exclusion and obliged to make every effort to stop you and just because you have a different email in my opinion is not a valid reason .

    Don't let it drop...get it referred to ma management...in both my cases when I did this I got an answer back in a day with full refund....I don't think they really understand the rules on self exclusion so just hope you will go away...but it is a serious breach of their licence if they let self excluded people gamble.

    Let me know how you get on or want any help.....my email is john.x.roberts@aol.com

    John .....

    I only signed up to this as I saw your plea !!!
    Hi ,
    I was wondering if anyone could help me out as my account has been frozen an won’t release my money from coral,
    I used to be with ladbrokes an I self excluded my self which was up in March 2020 , so instead of getting my account unlocked I went with coral ( not knowing it was a sister account)
    Every thing was fine I put £100 to casino a won £200 so I took it out ,I then put another £500 - £600 in the following day an lost the most of it got it back up to £600 an went to with draw it so they asked me for I’d which I gave them and they now stated my account has been closed but won’t release my money due to me self excluding myself from ladbrokes, we’re do I stand ?
    All help would be much appreciated
    Thanks Emmett


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