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  • crimsonbet stealing money and stopped communications

    My friend won some money on on crimsonbet 1817 euro that he made a withrawal on, went through their security checks, and first the ammount was signed as pending for 2 weeks, they kept telling him that is was their tech team (what now that is) that was slow, my friend Andreas (u can see him at their homepage as a winning player) is not the greatest in english, so he asked me tonhelp him.

    I started to email with them and they promised me that everything was in order and his money soon should be processed, after one more week the amount was still "pending" after a few more emails they told me that NOW everything was done and the money transfered, and the status went to "succeded" but after another 10 without money on his account i once again contacted them, and now the comminication stops coplletley, both me and Andreas have beeing trying to call their support, but keeps getting connected to their voicemail (doesent matter what time of the day) , and all emails are beeing ignored.

    How can he deal with this matter? The money are probably no chance in getting back, but peopel need to be warned about this, because this is nothing but a big scam.

    Any help would be appriciated.

    Best regards


  • Is going to the police the best option?

    Happy for help :-/


    • You can definitely try, although it is always hard for the police in one country to prosecute a scam when the perpetrators are located somewhere else.


      • Now they also cut off their phoneline.

        The numer you are calling is not available at the moment.

        Guess his chances to get any money are slim/none

        Sad story he was so happy for his winnings.


        • Hej Animal! ;-)

          Yeah, I guess it's useless going to the police and it seems Costa Rica has no gaming authority so scammers are pretty safe in CR it would seem..

          I won almost the same amount as your friend, sure would have been nice to receive! :-) I guess it's just a matter of putting this experience on the expensive mistakes account and try not to do it again :-)

          May I ask how your friend found out about Crimsonbet?


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