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  • SportsSpread.com Review - do not honour withdrawals


    Hi all I have requested a withdrawal of £2500+ over seven weeks ago and this has not been honoured.

    The "cowboys" answering the phones in the Dublin office are avoidant and tell a succession of lies aimed at fobbing you off or not answering your query.

    I have been directed several times to an accounts member Rob who is impossible to get hold off. I was assured a resolution within "the coming days" via E-mail but after several more weeks have not received anything.

    Please will players AVOID THIS SITE at all costs. They are happy to take your money as an honourable customer but have no intention to return any winnings or even youur initial deposit.

    I have explored using the Irish Financial Ombudsman (as spread betting constitues a financial contract and is different from conventional gambling law) but would have to attempt reconciliation via SportsSpread.com's Complaints and Resolutions Department (to which their is none) before their involvement.

    My next intended course of action is to issue court summons via the Irish District court.

    If anyone has had any similar problems and have managed to find an amicable solution your help would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks

  • I'm in a similar position Chris. Have you taken legal advice? Is the debt enforceable in court?


    • Have you tried contacting your bank and requesting a refund that way?


      • I desposited using skrill and the deposits are only a fraction of the balance.

        By the way I have contacted the Irish Financial Ombudsman and they say they dont regulate sportsspread.com. As far as I can see at the moment regulation of bookmakers in Ireland is virtually non-existent.

        Chris Ramsden - if you read this can you contact me. Do you use TGT?


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