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  • Sportsspread not paying

    I requested a £3k+ withdrawl in May and am still waiting.
    They have given no reason for not paying other than in August when they said it had been paid to the wrong bank account - at the time I believed them but no I'm not so sure.
    The last update I had was to say that it would be paid in a week or so - that was several weeks ago. They dont respond to emails or phone calls.

    I am trying to complain through the Irish licensing authority but so far I havent got anywhere. Any help or advice would be appreciated.


  • We downgraded Sports Spread to the Orange list for slow pay at around the same time in May for slow pay.

    We can try to contact them on your behalf, although it looks like they have made a transition to no pay bookmaker in the meantime.


    • Thanks pier0. If you have any experience of dealing with their regulators let me know. There are reports of people being paid on other forums - but not as much as the amount I am owed.


      • I wasn't really planning to get involved with the regulator.

        What I can do as Bookmakers Review is contact Sports Spread on your behalf asking about the payment and for a solution. If they don't pay, then I'll report it on the main website and possibly downgrade Sports Spread to the Red list.

        But that's pretty much "all" I can do.

        It may not be what you want to hear, but most of the time complaints are really a warning for who comes next.

        And actually if enough players would diligently report problems and solutions on one website rather than spread the information on several different forums, we would have a perfect warning system.


        • Thanks pier0. I was hoping you might have had dealings in the past with Irish regulators rather than expecting you to contact them. If you can contact Sportsspread that would be appreciated very much.


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