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  • Crimsonbet.com - stopped communicating and keeping my money!

    Earlier this year I belonged to a group (run by a person called Jim Saari)
    that got a special bonus deal with Crimsonbet. Most notable about the bonus
    terms were 100% reload bonus and 20 times rollover. To make a long story
    short, I stopped belonging to that group but asked Kim (the person from
    Crimson who assisted us in Jim's group) if I could keep the same bonus terms
    as I had had when belonging to the group. Kim informed me that it would be
    ok for me to keep the special bonus terms.

    Fast forward to middle of August: I request a withdrawal, having met the
    20 times rollover requirement, but it's declined and only after several
    emails the manager (?) Jonathan tells me that since I haven't bet on the
    same games as Jim's group I'm no longer entitled to the special terms and
    I'm back on the standard terms. This is of course BS, how could I know what
    games the group is betting on when I no longer am a part of it!? Anyway, I
    email back and forth with Jonathan but he refuses to pay me and says that
    the standard terms applies to me now (25 times rollover with only 50%
    contribution of sports wagers ie effectively 50 times rollover).

    I realise it's pointless to keep arguing with Jonathan so I go on to
    fulfill the 50 times rollover requirement. I request a withdrawal of my
    entire account balance (€1918 - you're allowed to withdraw up to €2000 with
    money won from a bonus so I'm within that limit) but I receive no money and
    my withdrawal is declined. Only after many days of emailing them as to why
    my withdrawal has been declined I get this answer:

    "We’ve gone over your WR and it looks like you has 622.5 left to wager,
    but as it’s a 50% contribution to the WR, the actual amount is 1245."

    I reply: "I have no idea where you got that figure from, please explain or
    recalculate to check if you made an error."

    My intial deposit was €70 and thus with 100% bonus a total of €140. 140 x
    50 turnover = €7000
    Copying and pasting my bet history into Excel I can conclude that I have
    turned over €7205 if you count a push bet of €200 (I'm not sure if a push is
    generally considered as counting towards turn over). But even if you remove
    the push bet I end up with a turnover of €7005.

    I have repeatedly emailed Crimson asking them to explain how I can have
    anything left to turn over, but now they gone from being slow at responding
    to ignoring my emails since the last reply from them was September 17. If
    they can give me a detailed and credible explanation as to why I would have
    €1245 left to turn over I'd be happy to comply, but I can't see why that
    would be the case.

    If BMR would be so kind to help me with this case I'd be happy to forward you our entire email conversation. Please let me know if you need more documentation (screen shots etc)!

  • Hi johast.
    Well, first of all, it's quite risky to sign up with a sportsbook with no rating or even name on BMR. This means the book is recent or somehow not known. Being so, the probability to be SCAM is inscreased.
    Anyway, there is a line in the rules of the bonuses that says:

    "Any bets placed containing selections at odds of less than 1/2 will not count towards any rollover requirement."

    This means that all bets placed on odds less than 1.5 won't count to rollover calculation. Please confirm if this is the case. If so, you still have some rollover left, if not, well... sorry


    • Where did you find this bookmaker?

      We have over 2400 of them in the database and we don't have Crimsonbet. I'm going to add it now.

      We can try to contact them. but realistically we have a bookmaker that no one has heard of before, apparently operating without a license offering 100% bonuses and then changing rollover terms. What does that tell you?


      • Hi milkystairway and pier0

        Milky, I also thought it had said >1.5 but I either I had missed or they've added the following clause:

        "When betting on sports after obtaining a bonus, coupon or voucher, only bets of 2.0 and over will count towards the wagering requirements. Should a bet of under 2.0 be made with a bonus, coupon or voucher be made, the bonus will be removed and the bet will not stand."

        I placed a few bets below 2.0 which Crimsonbet reversed citing the above clause. Anyway, after the bet reversals I kept on betting on >2.0 and the entire rollover requirement has been met at odds of 2.0 or greater.

        Pier, I'd be most grateful if you would try and contact them! And yes, you're right I should've known better...but because of this guy Jim (admin of the group that had struck a preferential bonus deal agreement with Crimsonbet) whose email list I had been subscribing to for a year or so, it seemed like it could be a good deal. Jim created a Facebook group where a cs rep from Crimsonbet (a swedish guy, Kim) helped out and everything seemed fine...

        Later on the hot-tempered Jim kicked me out of the group for making a withdrawal from Crimsonbet (which, according to him, severely affected the commission he received from Crimson...). After that the customer service has slowly deteriorated and eventually communication from them stopped entirely.


        • I'm guessing,here,that Crimsonbet wanted to keep Jim's group happy while they were getting money from them.


          • I guess so quincunx. I have no idea how that group is doing now with Crimsonbet.

            I'm guessing that the chance of getting my money back aren't that great, but at least these posts come up when searching on Google and I hope that BMR red lists them - so hopefully someone else can know beforehand that Crimsonbet.com is a SCAM!

            pier/milky: The general support email to Crimsonbet is support@crimsonbet.com and the manager Jonathan uses support@totalesoft.com and he also seems to have the address jon@totalesoft.com.


            • BMR, have you tried contacting Crimsonbet yet or is it still on your to-do list? :-)


              • Can you contact Crimsonbet and confirm that they can discuss your case with us?

                There is a small chance they will discuss the case, but they want to do that in private and also wanted your authorization.


                • Wow, they answered you! I have sent them an email stating: "I hereby confirm that you can discuss my case with Bookmakersreview.com!"


                  • They confirmed they will look into it and get back to me personally on Tuesday.

                    At this time, it may be worth for you to file a proper complaint on the system, with your personal data, so that you can eventually upload the documentation and screenshots you mentioned earlier.


                    • Thank you pier0!

                      I have done as you said and filed a complaint on the system!

                      Will be interesting to hear if and if so what Jonathan replies!


                      • I looked at this site and the bonuses are extremely generous and identical to a sportsbook called sportsbook.cr
                        A couple of weeks back I deposited £25 with the latter to test it and I received no bonus
                        I received an email from their support welcoming me but when i tried to reply to that email at that address it was not sent as the address didn't exist.
                        There is no way of contacting them and I tried to w/d the £25 from sportsbook.cr
                        2 weeks ago but obviously I've received nothing.
                        I don't know how to check if they are linked but the two sites are the only ones I've seen with such 'too good to be true' bonuses in the same style.
                        Be wary imo


                        • They are definitely the same company as the person I was communicating with was using a Total E Soft email address.

                          And for what is worth, I didn't hear anything from them on Tuesday so I tried to chase a reply, but so far this week there has been no update.

                          Next stop for Crimsonbet and Total E Soft bookmakers: the Orange list.


                          • Thanks sabre for posting about sportsbook.cr and making the connection to Crimsonbet.com!

                            Thanks for the update pier0! I really hope that Jonathan realizes that the bad rating and publicity cost them more than paying out my and sabre's money...


                            • pier0, still no word from Crimsonbet?


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