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  • youwin.com

    Hello please help get the money back
    been 2 months since blocked my account youwin.com
    respond to multiple letters that my account is under investigation
    but that can be investigated for 2 months
    Bonus I have not received, put a deposit and won the bet on sports
    the account can not go: my username; tatsianas
    when trying to log in to your account says: For security reasons your account is now blocked

  • I've had some trouble with Youwin I placed a bet of 108 euro and clicked place then saw the amount had automatically been changed down to only 6.70 without any warning. Since I'm an arb trader I ended up loosing about 90 euro. I had no trouble withdrawing my money though. I'm in Australia - sometimes I think bookies will scam people from certain countries because they think they can get away with it. I can't withdraw my money from Favbet - avoid them. I hope you get your money back it's a bad feeling knowing you're being scammed.


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