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  • Titanbet limit wagers 1$ to 5$ with 8605$ to complete rollover

    I have an account with Titanbet for quite a long time now. Got an email saying to get a 30% bonus up to 500$. I saw the 2,5 grade here, seams legit. Good offer, got it! Rollover of 10850$ to complete before any payout and 60 days to do it. After some bets, got $2245 of rollover done and saw my limits decrease to 1$ to 5$ per bet. This means I have to make at least 1721 bets before I can request a payout.
    I dedicate my life to arbing, not much from bonus, so I don't know what BMR can do in this case as I think bonus are like "extra" and books don't have to give explanations about this. Or so I think...
    Anyway, titanbet has very huge juice, so not that great for arbing. When a player tries to place a big bet, it goes to a trader who somehow bargains with you. Happened to me, odd line decresed from 1,75 to 1,72. Got the bet anyway. Now I have $3,127.40 plus $860.00 on bonus balance and 56 days to complete the rollover.
    I sent an email saying this was a dishonest measure asking to lift the limits. They answered me this:

    "Unfortunately , after checking with our Trading deparmtnet, they have informed us that your current betting limits will have to stay as they are for the time being. We assure you that this is only a temporary trading decision but no time frame can be provided for now."

    So, even if bonus are "extra", this is a bad call from titanbet. My opinion is that is should be red-flagged and people should stay away from it.

    Thank you.

  • I had a similar problem with winner.com which although I'm not sure whether they have the same owners they do use the same software and the sites share limits.


    I hope you get a fair resolution to your case.


    • milkystairway,

      was that a reload bonus? It is unethical that they don't give players a fair chance to complete the rollover and in your case, it also sounds unfair as they should have known your style of play if you were a customer there for quite a long time.

      Did you try to ask them if you can get your deposits and winnings paid (pro-rata)? I imagine what their answer will be, but nevertheless it will be interesting to have it in writing one way or the other (and you never know, they may actually agree to pay).

      If that fails, we can try to speak to Titanbet, although to be totally fair 2.5, while is not negative, is far from being a positive rating.

      Its description clearly says 2.5 is "assigned to bookmakers with more blemishes than strengths and/or vulnerable to problems and adverse business conditions," so when betting with bookmakers rated 2.5 players should expect to have problems.

      The real consideration should be on the risk of playing with a bookmaker that is likely to have problems vs the expected reward. And from your description of Titanbet in relation to your betting style, I believe you should have given a miss to the bonus.


      • To be fair,I did bet with Titanbet for quite some time with no problems - eventually they restricted me - but I didn't try for a bonus.


        • pier0, thank you for your answer. Yes, it was a reload bonus. I spent most of my day trying to see where could I bet to complete the rollover and only on soccer matches in Premier League or Spanish League I can get 30$ per bet. Still, not close to what should it be when someone has thousands of dollars to bet.

          I spoke to them viachat support and via email, all they said was "our trading depatment made the call of limiting your account. This is a temporary call, no time frame can be given thought". It made me think that they will stand with this limits for the bonus period and after that remove it. Unethical way to treat players...

          Is there anything you can do pier? I placed tons of bets for the weekend but I will make like 500$ in total for the rollover. Don't think I can get the rollover done in time, but have to try...

          Either way, rollover completed or not until 20th of December (deadline), Titanbet is not a fair book for me.


          • pier0, did you get the chance to talk to titanbet?


            • I have emailed them asking to speak with a manager, let see if they get back to me.


              • I received a reply from their customer service saying the case is being reviewed by management, however they will not be able to disclose details with me and communicate findings directly with the player.

                Let me know their management conclusions.


                • Nice thank you pier0! I will place here their response.


                  • milky, have you received an answer from Titanbet yet?


                    • I was about to comment on this again. Well, here is the situation: I got this email from them:

                      "Please be informed that some of the betting limitations on your accounts have been removed and you are welcome to place bets towards your bonus rollover requirements."

                      Indeed my account got unlimited again, I was able to put 2000$ into the rollover before I got limitted again up to a max of 30$ per bet in Spanish and English soccer matches.

                      So, I am limitted again with 3.500$ still to bet to complete the rollover.

                      I am forced to place bets on the worst line again just to complete it. Being this, Titan is just fooling me... surely deserves to be on the red list.


                      • Today is a very good day for me. I finally managed to complete the rollover and asked for a payout from titanbet. Yes, I did it! I bet for quite a long time now (over 5 years) but this case was the very one I most am proud of. I was limited up to 40$ per bet with odds of 1.50 and 20$ at evens. A mathematical factor was in place here as I could bet more or less depending on the odd, but never above 40$. I managed to complete a rollover of 10.830$. I was going to simplify this by showing you the numbers, but this was such a long process I just have to share it all with you. Every single day, the first thing I did was looking for bets on titanbet that would be close to 1.50 odds. This would allow me to place bigger bets and get the rollover done faster. I did this since day one and placed my very last bet 15 days before the deadline of the rollover. Yes, I did it! In total I placed 420 bets (yes, four hundred and twenty bets). This gives an average of 25.78$ per bet. Amazing! Along this process there were loads of things that gave me same joy (being ironic). The first thing is that every single time you wish to see an event, a window of three dudes talking about football on the right side of the screen pops up. This means I always had to place the bets on mute mode. Although I knew I was losing money (because I was covering all events on Pinnacle), the most unbelievable thing happened. When I was first limited I had 2732.40$ in my account. After all this process I end up with 5145.78$ which means Titanbet lost 3475.78$ with my playing (less my initial deposit which was 1670$). The lines on titanbet are not soft, I hardly had a surebet in the entire process (3 or 4 cases), but somehow, I always seem to win there. So, I rest my case with this sentence: Karma is a bitch!
                        I wish now to kindly ask the rating BMR professionals to upload the titanbet rate on this website, which means put them directly in the red-list.
                        Thank you so much.


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