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  • Betting firm not honouring debt

    I placed a double online today on the football; sturridge to be carded anytime 10/1 and begovic highested rated player at 12/1 which both won, meaning a return of 1430. Now afterwards the bookmaker didnt settle bet straightaway. I phoned and spoke to them with the reason being that the highest rated selection should only be available as a single and subsequently informed me that bet would be settled as 2 singles returning 120. There was nothing on my app stating that this was singles only market and no problem placing bet. However, bookie adament that singles only, they state there has been technical problems allowing these bets to be placed which they have been aware of but continue to do nothing about (ie take down affected market) which as a customer worries me.

    Does anyone know where i stand with this? They have recently sent me mail which states one of their t&cs but i dont believe it relates to the issue above specifically and is more to do with prices - the prices quoted were correct the issue is the market should have been in a single. I geniually wasnt aware of this (my friend gave me the tips)and i jst picked a couple and put in double not thinking anything about it - there was nothing on my app suggesting this market is singles only and let me place bet. Im generally concerned at the bookmaker's power to jst cover up 'mistakes' in this way when they taken this bet in good faith, settled it and then taken it back. If i wasnt careful i could have checked acc, saw that it settled and went out spending money which i ultimately wouldnt have.

    Is there any rules, independent bodies etc for issues such as the above?

  • The independent body that deals with betting disputes in the UK is IBAS (ibas-uk.com) but they take months to adjudicate each case.

    If you tell us the name of the bookmaker we can have a quick look at the rules.


    • Bet victor is the bookie. I placed the double without any issues and nothing on app says single market only. They also settled someone else's bet as a double - they had exact same as me but only put £1 on. They say they are aware of this issue but i dont believe they have taken reasonable steps to prevent this happening and are only doing this due to size of payout.

      They qouted 15.5 in tc's but that states 'we agree that we shall use all reasonable endeavours to detect any errors and inform you of them as soon as is reasonably practicable'. I believe they have actually failed this t&c. What are your thoughts? I cant see any t&c that states what happens in the event of them taking an 'incorrect bet' and the procedure used to deal with this.


      • I suppose there could be a rule prohibiting parlays on those type of football bets involving "man of the match" and yellow/red cards, although I'm not aware of any.

        Or maybe there was some kind of promotion associated to those bets, maybe to try the mobile app, that established singles only, but again is just an idea.

        To know for sure, I need the bet details, so that I can do some research and possibly even speak with BetVictor.


        • It seems Bet Victor have made a mistake here and it is their way of getting out of it, saying they will settle the bet as singles. you should look what they put up on tonight or tomorrow nights game and see if there is any mention of it ,or try to have the bet again same markets and see if it is accepted.
          Failing that I suggest you report them to the Gibraltar licensing authority


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