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  • A green rated bookie reduced bet winnings by £64

    I made a winning bet today of £20 on a 17.00 (16/1) at Kempton Park and the returned amount including stake was only £276 instead of the expected £340!

    I have screenshots of my entire account history, inclduign this bet, to back it up and they quite clearly shows the odds of the horse. I always manually check each bet in the account history after I have made it just to be sure anyway.

    I was going to contact them immediately, but them I thought would it be better to withdraw my acount balance first before contacting them as to the reason why?

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  • If the horse was 'Gone Dutch' then that would be because 'Autun' was withdrawn and because Autun's odds were 4/1 when it was withdrawn there was a deduction of 20p in the pound or 20%.If 'Gone Dutch' had been withdrawn backers would have had their stakes refunded.
    Those are the rules for most bookmakers for betting on horses on the day of the race.The deduction is a bit high IMHO because bookies bet to well over 100% so 4/1 isn't 20% of the book - but those are the rules.
    If the horse was 'Poitin' then there shouldn't have been a rule 4 deduction - so that shouldn't have been the reason then.


    • Was your winner Gone Dutch in the 7-50 race? If so, there was a Tattersalls Rule 4 deduction of 20% to all winning bets, as Autun (the second favourite at the time) was withdrawn at the start after getting injured in the stalls. I make 20% of your £320 winnings £64, so that would explain why you were paid £276 rather than £340. If Gone Dutch was your winner, then the bookmaker has done nothing wrong.


      • What bookie was it?


        • Thanks, you were both right, it was Gone Dutch in the 7-50, so explains it.

          I wasn't able to follow the race, just saw the result. Sorry, if this is a real newbie question, but whats the best way to follow the latest UK/Irish live horse racing news online in order to hear about any late withdrawals?


          • Try www.racingpost.com/news/live.sd


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