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  • Marathonbet account suspended (one more) - resolved


    My account has been blocked for 2 months now...
    First they told me it was "random security checks " , so i sent them a bank statement and a copy of my ID. Then they asked me a utility bill so i sent them.( they always asked me to wait between each mails )

    And finally they asked me a bank statement with a stamp on it, so i 've just sent them a week ago , but still no answer , on the livechat they tell me to wait more...

    I think they just expect me to give up and never ask the money back but it isn't normal... and there is about 270 euros on the account , not so much , but they should at least send me the money back...

    So i keep expecting the account to be reopened , but i wonder what they will ask me next...b

    Thanks you guys if you can help

  • Hello Kiwi77.

    I can't really comment on the KYC procedure at Marathonbet.

    What I can comment on is the way Marathonbet is trading.
    I will assume that you know the basics of bookmaking first of all.

    It is well known that they are basing their odds on their own proprietary trading formulas on many markets. If you go to any odds comparison site, you'll see they are often "out of line" with the market as they are confident in their own prices. They do move with the market but often they will still be in an arbitrage position.
    Some punters will exploit this heavily and will often get restricted. If all punters did this, Marathon would for sure - or close to - lose money overall with a negative margin of -0.x% instead of 1,x% (assumption). This might have been the case with you, where you've spotted odds wrong priced.

    You might/might not have been one of these punters, but in case you did exploit this, they could make life hard on you. An opposite bookie with same margins would be Pinnacle, IBC, Samvo, where “winners are welcome”. This is for sure not the case here.

    If you are stuck, I suggest you write to the Alderney Gambling Commission where they are licensed. It would though be interesting to hear about your betting patterns to clarify the above thesis.


    • It's okay, they finally answered me and unlock the account... ( after i showed them this post , i don't know if this is linked..)
      Anyways thanks for the information


      • The point about them being potentially fertile ground for arbitrage players is a valid one, although I doubt that they are heavily exploited in this way as their limits are so low (and soon get much lower if you make a couple of winning bets). Unless you are a (very) small recreational player, then, in my opinion at least, they are simply not worth bothering with.


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