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  • blocked account bet3000

    I can not access my account
    Do not know why?
    I made a withdrawal
    I cannot access my account

    wait for response
    thank you

  • Have you contacted them to ask them why you cannot access your account. Are you sure that they have not sent you an email about this which, for example, might have gone into your spam/junk folder? If you contact them and they reply in German (and you do not speak German), post their message on here and I will translate it.


    • this is anser bet3000:

      your bets have been investigated and it is clear that you tried to profit from a technical problem of our livebetting provider. You placed bets games in knowledge of the result. According to our terms and conditions this causes the blocking of your account

      my account is closed I do not understand

      i want my money back

      thank you


      • If they are claiming that you placed bets on events when you already knew the result, then first of all you need to find out which particular bets they are referring to. You also need to ask them what evidence they have to support these claims. I am assuming that you did not place bets on any event when you already knew the result. If you did place any such bets, then we can't help you.


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