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  • BET-AT-HOME 30 000€ FRAUD

    Hello friends,

    My name is VZ and this is my case :

    I have placed a number of combo ticket with bet-at-home on my favourite squash games. I hit the combos with average bet 7-30€ and odds 5-700. It just came to me in my dream that these results can be delivered. My 4 outsiders did it and I won totally of 30 000€.
    On the other day, account was closed and all the bets were voided.

    Here are the facts :
    - I was betting more combo tickets in a row, so they did not have to took all my bets, if they didnt want.
    - I was betting with very small amount of money, average cca 10-15€.
    - Bet-at-home claims that their pairing system failed. What is silly.
    - They were reducing odds systematically from average of 6 but to max cca 4 (so there isnt any sign of turned odds) It is a normal bookmaking (risk management) procedure.
    - They voided the matches after I won and after my money was credited, I mean this is totally ridiculous, if is something set wrong I void it with no delay and set it right. Right? Not after 12 hours and many taken bets.
    - In one of their emails they claim they did that because the odds werent changed before the match, so they have to block and void all of them. (they were reducing, because I made a bet after they reduced so I know). So are lying here.
    - Nobody can be sure now with them, you bet ChampionsLeague for 5k, you win 15k and they can say that you bet wrong odds because the number changed by 0,05cents.

    - The last fact is this : I love sports, and I love sportsbetting, I am not any kind of bonus hunter, I do not bet big bets, I am not high roller, I have never tried to fraud any bookmaker in any way. I am just recreational gambler who hit his dreamed ticket and won.

    I want to ask, how can be this possible? I understand if somebody has multiple accounts or he tries to mock them somehow, but why they did this to me? It is strange that bookmaker with their size cant stand 30k loss! And it is not normal when somebody void your regular bets with no special reason.

    Btw : I know they are blacklisted with your site. And I know that probably you cant do much with my case, but this is not blocked account with 50€, this is 30 000€ fraud.
    For case like this, their licence should be taken, and I mean this seriously.

    I am not angry to anybody, but there should be at least some kind of regulation, because with this way of resulting, anybody can be a millionaire in bookmaking world. 

    With Best Regards,
    Your fan V.Z.

  • If they voided the bets simply because the lines were wrong, why did they close your account?


    • Originally posted by G-Man

      If they voided the bets simply because the lines were wrong, why did they close your account?

      Firstly they closed the account, voided bets and open afterwards.


      • If I was you, I would contact all local newspapers with the story and I'm pretty sure you'll find one that will publish it.

        As you said yourself, this is not a 50 euros blocked account, but a 30,000 euros confiscation of winnings, which deserves to be made public so that everyone sees what type of company bet-at-home is.


        • Hello, Kokino31 if you have properly gained come to Linz I can help you bet-at-home has headquarters in Linz
          bet-at-home.com Entertainment GmbH 4020 Linz, Austria Tel: +43 732 9015 1010
          They have also tried with me, I went to police immediately have bet canceled withdrawn and credited to my account. I recommend you if you come correct shall gain have to Linz we'll continue to bet-at-home if that does not work we go to the police and if that does not help looking wier a lawyer, but one more time if you have won correctly You get your money 100%.


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